P Is for Pirate: How to Dress Like a Pirate in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve learned how to talk like a pirate, now it’s time to dress the part. It’s easy to outfit any kiddo (and maybe even yourself) as a pirate with a few items already in their dresser drawers. Scroll down for our cute tutorial.

pirate boy

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1.Grab a pair of pants that are too short for you kiddo or that are already torn or stained. Remember, pirates be major slobs so a few stains just look more authentic. Cut a jagged line about knee height.

2. Slide these on over stripey socks/tights or PJ bottoms and put on a t-shirt with one of the following: stripes, a pirate ship or skull-and-crossbones. Remember, the combos here are totally dependent on what you have in the dresser: use a solid color bottom and a striped shirt; skull-and-crossbone bottoms and plain top; skeleton bottoms and striped top, etc. Ideally, you aren’t buying anything.

dress like a pirate costume

  1. Tie a scarf around their head. A simple bandana works great.
  2. Accessorize with costume jewelry, eye patches, captain’s hat, hooks, faux beards, mustaches and swords. In other words, whatever you have on hand. 
  1. Yaaarrr. Ye be done. Strike a pose.

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—Photos and text by Amber Guetebier


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