The pandemic has reshaped the landscape of many aspect of our lives, and perhaps one of the biggest is the balancing act of parenting and work. In December 2021, Kuli Kuli, Sylvatex, and Uncommon Cacao (all mom-backed companies) performed a survey of over 1,000 working moms to get a better understanding of how the pandemic has altered their ability to juggle work and parenting.

The survey polled women in all 50 states, with single moms accounting for 45% of the respondents. Seventy-two percent had one or two children, 60% came from low income backgrounds and moms included those who identified as white, Black, Hispanic or Latina and as Asian, Middle Eastern or North African, or multiracial. All that to say: the survey covered a lot of diversity!

While there were many revelations from the survey as it demonstrated the lack of childcare, moms becoming a “default parent” at home, a large exit from the workforce and more, one key point stands out: Flexibility keeps moms working.

photo: Pexels

Out of necessity when the pandemic started, many moms made the choice to leave the workplace to provide some sense of normalcy and to balance domestic life because their employers didn’t provide enough flexibility. And while 55% of moms said that spending more time with their children was a bonus, moms actually benefit from having work that is flexible as it “significantly relieved some of the pressure points of parenting that were exacerbated by the pandemic.”

Of those surveyed, 79% of moms prefer remote work when it comes to the environment. When they have access to empathetic employers, flexible hours and paid time off they are more likely to stay with their current employer. Many moms found that their employers (especially those with leadership who were parents themselves) were willing to roll with the punches and make swift changes to allow their employees to work remotely.

Stephanie S. from the survey shares, “Going into the office is completely optional. It’s a mutual respect for priorities in both our world’s that has been missing for so long…I’m so glad to be part of a movement to a more equal future that provides respect and support in the most important work we will ever do, raising the next generation.”

While there is much work to be done to continue evolving the workplace to incorporate parenthood, many employers are well on their way to offering the flexibility that is key to keeping moms working.  You can read the rest of the survey findings here.


––Karly Wood

Feature photo: RODNAE Productions via Pexels



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