5 Super Simple Paper Bag Crafts to Bust Out Today

Need a few crafts in your arsenal in response to the “I’m bored” chant you’re bound to hear this summer? It doesn’t get simpler than a paper bag and these five crafts are inexpensive, clever and just time-consuming enough to stave off the summer doldrums. Scroll down to get started.

photo: Sophies World 

1. Easy-Peasy Kite
Save this craft from Sophie’s World for a windy day! The best part is that the kids can decorate it however they want whether it’s with markers, feathers, streamers, or stickers. They will be thrilled to see their creation floating in the wind for all the world to see.


photo: Easy Preschool Crafts for Kids 

2. Fish on the Fly
While the last craft soars in the sky, this craft from Easy Preschool Crafts for Kids swims in the sea! It smiles, it swims, it’s simple and it’s sparkly! Grab some markets, glitter, glue, and any other fun additions you have lying around your craft box to decorate your fish. What more could a kid ask for?

photo: Creative Jewish Mom

3. Simple Apple Tree
This craft involves a little bit of twist and a little bit of curl. And remember there are many fruits out there that you can jazz the branches up with. Maybe add a bird or a squirrel or two! Check out Creative Jewish Mom for the full low down on how to twist, curl, and create this fun paper bag craft.

photo: Fun Family Crafts

4. Funky Birds 
Your kiddos will love these friendly bird puppets from Fun Family Crafts because they are colorful and exotic. You will love them because they are easy! Plus: who doesn’t like feathers?

5. No-Heat Fireplace
This warm fireplace from Crafts by Amanda is a homey addition to a doll house or a kid’s room to make them feel like real grownups (without the fire hazard, of course!). It will be fun for the little ones to search out sticks in the woods or at your local park for their very own mini fire place! Thanks to Crafts by Amanda for this awesome idea!


Have you tired any of these cute paper bag crafts? Tell us in a comment below. 

—Parham B.

featured photo: Mark J. Sebastian via flickr



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