Calling All Cool Cats (And Dogs): ‘Paws of Fury’ Movie is Hitting Theaters This July

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Let’s be honest, parents love a good kids’ movie. One that combines quality comedy (appropriate for the little ones, of course), a plot that maintains your interest and adorable animations is the purr-fect way to spend an afternoon together.

Fortunately for parents, this summer, Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank is delivering exactly that. The CGI animated film meets martial arts comedy is set in a realm where cats and dog(s) definitely fight—but also learn to team up to defeat a villainous kitty. With a laugh-out-loud plot that doesn’t miss a chance to use animal puns or famous movie references, children and parents will enjoy the relatable themes of friendship, courage, self-confidence and determination.

Toss in the A-list cast of hilarious actors and comedians–including Michael Cera, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais, Mel Brooks and Gabriel Iglesias (a.k.a. Fluffy!)–and this comical movie will have your entire family howling with laughter.

Cats out of the bag: Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank will be in theaters on July 15!

The Action-Packed Premise

Paws of Fury follows Hank, a hard-on-his-luck hound (voiced by actor Michael Cera), who is a bit of an outcast with his fellow canines. He has dreams of becoming a tough samurai, so when he finds himself in a village of dog-hating cats who are in danger, he knows he must go from underdog to unlikely hero. The only problem is: who will teach this old dog new tricks? 

With assistance and training from his reluctant cat mentor, Jimbo (Samuel L. Jackson), Hank trades in his stick for a sword to become the town samurai. He teams up with his newfound pals to take down Ika Chu (Ricky Gervais), an evil cat who plans to destroy the community. 

The movie also features voice talent from the acclaimed ensemble of Mel Brooks, George Takei, Aasif Mandvi, Gabriel Iglesias, Djimon Hounsou, Michelle Yeoh, Kylie Kuioka and Cathy Shim. You don't want to miss this epic cat (and dog) fight!

How many paws will it take to defeat the villainous feline?

Why Parents Will Love the Theatrical Animated Comedy

Following the journey of Hank chasing his dreams instead of his tail, Paws of Fury explores universal themes of bravery, determination and friendship. Through the fantasy realm where cats and dogs can truly be friends, the movie highlights how people (and animals, too!) can form a bond despite being from different backgrounds and having different perspectives. It also showcases how, when others work together and put their differences aside, they can achieve wonderful and positive outcomes.

Children can also look up to Hank's courage, grit and confidence in himself when learning a new talent of becoming a samurai. While the uncoordinated pup initially knows nothing of self-defense, he doesn't give up and continues to push forward, which leads him to defeat the villain. 

With many meaningful life lessons subtly weaved in, the animated film will resonate with families and kids of all ages and backgrounds. 

Keep the Laughs Going

For an added layer of fun (and we can't forget giggles), check out the Paws of Fury mini-game here. Your kiddo can test their samurai skills by performing special moves during a training session with instructor Jimbo. 

For a brain teaser, try to help Hank make his way through a maze, spot the difference between two photos or play a memory card game with this free, downloadable activity book.

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank is pouncing into theaters on July 15. Buy your tickets meow!

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