New Study Shows Surprising Positive Effects of Quarantine

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We’re not gonna lie: this ain’t easy. Between gaps in childcare, trying to work outside or inside the home and managing some version of school, and concern about the health and safety of our families,  it’s a wonder we aren’t all just eating pizza in bed by noon every day. Pandemic parenting is no joke. Could there actually be a silver (okay maybe just a grey) lining? 

Recently, Amazon Kids & Family teamed up with Engine Insights to ask families about quarantine habits, and the results are surprisingly positive. The study, which took place in late July of 2020 and surveyed nearly 1000 parents with children ages 5-12, 82% of whom spent at least some time sheltering in place during the previous spring and early summer. It found that nearly half of all parents (59%) agreed that they were their child’s primary teacher, and primary source of entertainment. The biggest takeaway? Kids are reading more. 

The findings included some bright spots:

55% of parents said their kids are reading more. 

49% said their kids have started new hobbies and interests. 

46% reported their kids having increased confidence.

55% believe their children have increased their vocabulary as well.

In addition, some parents reported an uptick in good habits and responsibility:35% of parents say their kids are taking on more responsibility at home, 27% said they are more self-sufficient in general and 20% say their kids are better at managing screen time. Overall, 49% of parents said the most positive outcome was spending more time together as a family. 

As for the other half of parents? Well, it might be the pizza in bed by noon.

—Amber Guetebier

featured image: Elly Fairytale via Pexels 


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