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Tinybeans is the go-to company for all things parenting. From learning valuable tips and resources from our content site to being able to document in a calendar-type view and securely share with friends and family precious family photos, videos, and milestones, we aim to help parents raise amazing kids and fill pain points that are needed in today’s society. We invite websites, blogs, apps, influencers, and more to join our programs and reach out to start sharing with more parents around the globe.

Are you a company or influencer interested in learning more about what a partnership or collaboration could look like with the photo-sharing app Tinybeans? If so, you found the right page. From sharing our app with your audience / viewers, you are able to earn commission for your brand or program. Whether you are a parent on social media, content blog website sharing parenting resources/roundups, preschool or daycare wanting to fundraise, or even a hospital looking to share valuable resources with your clients, contact us and we can find a way to work out a form of partnership.


What is it? Influencer program

How you will promote: Utilize your social media audience and reach to share the Tinybeans safe digital photo-sharing app. This will be through family centric or kid centric lifestyle images or videos of you using the app to store milestones, vacations, or other precious memories

Promotional Types: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Blog

Perks: free Tinybeans subscription, paid opportunities, giveaway promotions for engagement, whitelisting opportunities, potential to be shared on the Tinybeanskids IG page for added exposure, and commission if interested

Commission Junction affiliate

What is it? CJ Affiliate Network

How you will promote: Through provided assets such as text links or banner ads, or through creative content pieces or brand pages, you will share the Tinybeans app with your audience to entice them to download Tinybeans and start a free-trial to convert to subscription

Promotional Types: Content/Media, Email Marketing, Display/Banner Ads, Push Notifications, etc.

Perks: Earn a competitive commission, be the first to know about promotions and incentives, updated banners and assets for product and campaign launches, access to a dedicated affiliate team, vanity codes, free to join

Frequently Asked Questions

CJ is free to sign up for and easy to track and payout commissions to our publishers. However, if you are unable to use CJ for promoting Tinybeans, we are able to work on another form.

Our average users are millennial moms with higher incomes, 2+ kids in the household, and have a college education. The most active parents on our platform typically have kids between the ages of 0 and 3.

Tinybeans is a digital photo book that parents can use to upload photos of their kids in a calendar-type view. The app is secured, not stored via a cloud, and has unlimited storage to keep precious family photos, videos, and milestones safe and sound. The parent that owns the journal can also share via free email access to close friends and family who request constant family/kid updates online while staying off of social media. After enough photos are uploaded to the digital photo book, users can then create a physical photo book to gift to family/friends or keep!

You can contact our Influencer and Partner Specialist, Ashley Theis by emailing her at

We are looking for parents who don’t overshare their kids for exposure and appreciate keeping some memories private with only close friends and family. The content we are hoping to share is informational or travel-themed and share about how to use our app and your fave features of our digital photo book app. This can be through YouTube product mentions, IG reels, TikTok video, or lifestyle still images.

Our base commission is $3 per free trial earned and $10 per subscription conversion not including recurring subscriptions after the first initial purchase. For example if ‘Jane Doe’ starts a trial and converts to a monthly $5 subscription with Tinybeans in November, you will receive a total commission of $13. Then, when ‘Jane Doe’ pays for the subscription again in December, the subscription commission will not apply.

We have an 85% conversion rate from free trial to paid subscriber – proving customers love our app!