This grown man’s total meltdown over a crying baby on his flight might be the funniest viral video of all time

Are we all tired of the discourse around babies crying in public yet? Yes, we all know it’s an annoying sound. No, babies do not have an off switch—and they cannot be reasoned with. Because they’re babies. Sometimes they cry in public spaces, and that’s just something you have to deal with as a human who exists where other humans live. Also, this now-viral video should mark the official end of the debate because it’s absurdly hilarious, and no one’s crying baby discourse will ever top this.

The video is racking up views on TikTok, and if you watch anything today, it should be this. Be warned before you press play, though, that this expletive-ridden rant is NSFW.


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In the video, it’s the age-old story: a baby is crying on a plane, and someone is big mad about it. Only this man—this grown adult man—decides that the best course of action is to match the baby’s energy and start yelling himself.

A laughing passenger captures it on video as flight attendants try to reason with the guy.

“Sir, you are yelling,” says one flight attendant who deserves an immediate raise. The man responds, “So is the baby,” and we are all the poor woman seated next to him who audibly sighs and puts her head in her hands.

At one point, the man screams about the crying baby, “Did that motherf*cker pay extra to yell?” and this video is officially high art.

Of course, the internet has a lot of thoughts about this because how could it not?

Some people are actually on this guy’s side because he clearly isn’t the world’s only overgrown man-baby who can’t handle the absolute horror of having to sit through some annoying noise.

To which parents everywhere have this to say:

Anyway, we’re riding a dangerous line here because while we obviously don’t want to encourage people to behave like this in public, this is objectively the funniest reaction anyone has ever had to a crying baby. The discourse is now over because nothing can top this. A+, no notes.

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