Yes, it’s hot. We know. Summer is in full swing and we’re definitely feeling it and we’re sure you are, too. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t also all for enjoying some time outside (in smaller doses and with adequate SPF, of course). It’s summer break, the days are longer, and the kiddos get cabin fever a whole lot faster these days. Expand the “cabin” with these family-friendly patio ideas.

It’s the perfect time to come up with ways to get the whole family outside. Together. At once. In a good mood. Yes, it’s possible. And yes, we’re going to help with some really cool patio ideas. Little or big, these are great ways to inspire some family time outside (including your kinda moody teen).

Smart Outdoor String Lights


There's nothing like a warm glow in the evenings, and these string lights go the extra mile by being extra smart. They're shatterproof, app controlled, and don't require a light switch. Available in 24, 48, and 96ft.

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights ($27.99+)—Buy Here!

Grill Gazebo


Did we mention it's hot? Keep the grill master cool and shaded with this genius Grill Gazebo. It also includes some extra surface space and pot hangers, plus it's available in 4 colors to match your aesthetic.

Cobana Grill Gazebo ($129.99)—Buy Here!

Outdoor Misting System


Surprise! It's still hot! Okay, we'll stop talking about it, but it's a good reminder why this outdoor misting system is a must. It requires no batteries or electricity and cools the air up to 30º. 

MistyMate Outdoor Misting System ($43.76)—Buy Here!

Patio Umbrella with Solar Lights—10ft

East Oak/Amazon

Not only does this sleek patio umbrella keep your family made in the shade, but the pre-installed center solar lights illuminate your space when the sun goes down. Plus, it's really affordable compared to other offset patio umbrellas.

East Oak Patio Umbrella ($129.99+)—Buy Here!

Waterproof Cooler Lights


For evening hangouts, these lights are both super fun and practical. They're waterproof and come with a bottle-shaped battery pack that sits on the ice. They come in 5 colors.

Waterproof Cooler Lights ($11.99+)—Buy Here!

Magical Flames

Magical Flames

Safe to use inside and out, all you have to do is toss a couple of the Magical Flames packets onto your backyard fire pit and get fabulous vibrant flames that are so fun to watch.

Magical Flames ($15.94+)—Buy Here!

Pumpkin Loveseat

Flower House/Amazon

This adorable loveseat holds up to 400lbs and even comes with a cover (although the cushions are durable and washable, so you don't have to worry about it being outside.

Pumpkin Loveseat ($549.99)—Buy Here!

S'mores Skewers


Keep everyone's marshmallow color-coded and keep younger kids away from the flames with the 34in extendable handles.

S'mores Skewers ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Outdoor Corner Sofa & Coffee Table

East Oak/Amazon

It's hard to get the whole family together when there's not enough seating. This set is perfect for cuddling up, chatting, and making the outside as family-friendly as your living room.

Outdoor Corner Sofa & Coffee Table by East Oak ($999.99)—Buy Here!

Pop Up Mesh Food Covers

Simply Genius/Amazon

What ruins a get-together al fresco? Flies. Well, really any kind of insect, you probably don't want climbing on your food. This set of mesh food covers keeps those pests at bay.

Pop Up Mesh Food Covers ($9.99+)—Buy Here!

Outdoor Garbage Can

East Oak/Amazon

Juice boxes, napkins, whatever—outdoor trash needs a place to go that you shouldn't have to take back inside just to throw away. This garbage can is waterproof and has two compartments: think recycling and non-recyclables.

62 Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can($139.99)—Buy Here!

Hammock Chair


Almost 7,500 Amazon Reviews are big fans of this cute hammock chair. It's strong and durable, holding up to 500lbs, plus it's soft and easy to hang. It comes in 4 colors and patterns.

Hammock Chair ($37.59+)—Buy Here!

Solar Step Lights 6pk


These triangular steps not only look great; they also prevent trips and spills when you're enjoying your patio after sunset.

Solar Step Lights 6pk ($32.99)—Buy Here!

Trampoline Sprinkler


Okay, it's probably not likely you have a trampoline on your patio, but we couldn’t resist adding it. It's definitely a winner in the staying cool game this summer.

Jasonwell Trampoline Sprinkler ($16.99)—Buy Here!

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller


All you have to do is turn this repeller on and you have a 15ft range of protection from mosquitoes. Over 40K Amazon Reviews make this one impressive little gadget.

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller ($19.99)—Buy Here!

Ice-Chilled 5 Compartment Serving Caddy


We think this is pretty genius, especially considering that no one likes hot ketchup or wilted veggies. You'll be glad you have it when your next BBQ rolls around.

Ice-Chilled 5 Compartment Serving Caddy ($29.99)—Buy Here!

5-Piece Wicker Bar Table Set

Best Choice Products/Amazon

With a hideaway storage shelf and a compact design, this set is perfect for small patios, or to spruce up a cozy corner of a larger one. Also available in grey.

5-Piece Wicker Bar Table Set ($379.99)—Buy Here!

Grill Caddy


7 compartments, paper towel holder, and 3 hanging hooks mean major capacity. Tell your kids to get ready for hearing, "Hey, bring me the tongs!" a lot less.

Fangsun Grill Caddy ($42.99)—Buy Here!


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