19 Ways to Turn Photos Into Unique Personalized Gifts

We know you’ve got loads of great pictures accumulating in the cloud somewhere; now’s the time to get them off your computer and into the real world. Yes! A real family photo (or pillow, necklace or even sock) for the house—not just on your social media feed. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday photo gifts for grandparents or something special to give your spouse, here are the most unique personalized photo gifts to give this holiday season.

Photo Collage Mosaic

AtelierMosaic on Etsy

Got tons of pictures to display—plus one you really want to stand out? Here's one of our favorite Christmas photo gifts. This mosaic takes 70 of your photos and uses them as a background behind one central picture (of your loved ones' face, for instance). The effect makes it looks like the arrangement creates another picture altogether. We're not sure how the artist does it, exactly, but the effect is sure to impress. You'll be staring at each photo to figure out how it works.

Cost: $93.50 for a digital file of the art; $136 and up for a photo print; $204 and up for a framed print.

Available on Etsy

Tinybeans Album

parent apps

The Tinybeans platform offers parents a private space to to share photos, milestones and other moments with their children amongst family and friends in a private social network. The free modern family album app gives parents a happy space to enjoy their children's life stories with family. Effortlessly organize pics, videos & milestones, print cute keepsakes, and share with family in one safe space off social media. Parents can join for free, purchase premium subscriptions and photo books.

Available: tinybeans.com

Customized Family Figurines

Myminifam via Etsy

These little wooden dolls are pricey, but having carved and painted miniatures made to look like your brood? Priceless. 

Cost: $103 and up ($178.04 for a family of four).

Available on Etsy


Paint By Number Photo Art


Take your photos and turn them into intricate paint-by-number projects. If you've got budding artists who are up for a challenge, this DIY project will make your photos all that much more special (because now they're paintings!). Just send in your photo, and MiiCreative artists will produce a paint-by-number canvas. The kit comes with one canvas, paints and paint brushes. Recommended for ages 8 & up. 

Cost: $37.99

Available at Miicreative

Make a Mermaid Pillow Even Better

InkedAndFoiled via Etsy

As if putting your photo on a pillow isn't cool enough, now you can print your photo onto reversible mermaid sequins! The pillows show a solid sequin color (choose from eight colors) when brushed one way and reveal your photo when brushed the other. Kids love them—but don't be surprised if you order a few for yourself, too. 

Cost: $28.99

Available on Etsy.  

Personalized Rubik's® Cube


This personalized puzzle lets you and your kids jumble up your family—then put the faces back together again. It's a photo and a game at the same time. The only problem we see is that you may spend a lot of time looking at a mixed-up version of yourselves—but there's a great reason to keep cranking that cube. 

Cost: $29.99

Available at Personalization Mall

Your Face On Socks!

My Photo Socks via Facebook

If you thought socks were a boring gift, think again. These brightly colored socks will keep your tootsies toasty and have your face (or your kids' or pets' faces) all over them. It's one of those things that's just weird enough to be cool. Ankle-length, crew-length or knee-high socks are available.

Cost: $19.95

Available at My Photo Socks.

Get in the Spirit! Your Photo on a Wine Label

CandiceCards via Etsy

Everyone knows it's nice to bring a bottle of wine to a party. Why not bring a bottle of wine WITH YOUR PICTURE ON IT? Or, better yet, forget the Christmas cards this year and just send out wine instead!  These personalized holiday-themed wine bottle labels say "Making spirits bright," and can be personalized with a picture and any other text you'd like. Each 8.5x11'' sheet holds 8, 2x4'' labels.

Cost: $14.70 and up. 

Available on Etsy

Stick-On Photo Tiles

Mixtiles via Facebook

Nobody likes nailing into walls. With these easy 8X8 photo squares, you can easily—and literally—stick photos on your walls without the need for any tools or hardware—and without ripping off any paint should you want to mix things up or take things down.

Cost: $11 per tile (free shipping on orders of three or more).

Available at Mixtiles

Smack Your Face on a Sticker!


Your kids will get a kick out of these stickers which can be personalized with anyone's face. Slap 'em on notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes—anywhere you want to say "This is my face!" They also work great to keep cups and toothbrushes easily identified so your kids keep their things theirs. The stickers are made of durable vinyl (not paper!) and are printed using waterproof ink that is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Cost: $17.99.

Available on Amazon

Digital Photo Frame


The perfect personalized photo gift for grandparents, this digital photo frame—which made "Oprah's Favorite Things" list in 2018—has unlimited storage and will let Nana and Pop see ever-changing pics of you and your kids without the need to navigate your social media pages. It's a win-win. Looking for a lower-cost option? Try the NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame, which was rated a "great bargain" by Tom's Guide. 

Cost: $299

Available on Amazon.com

Photo Locket

SilkPurseSowsEar via Etsy

Little Orphan Annie would have had an easier time finding her parents had she been given one of these photo lockets to remember them by. Two 45mm long and 35mm wide photos can fit inside this brass locket. The best part? The artist can transfer a photo directly onto the metal—meaning you won't' have to worry about doing it yourself or trying to figure out how to glue it onto the metal without ending up with a soggy paper mess. The transfer process even allows some of the metal to merge with the photo, leaving your locket with a vintage look. You also have the option of displaying only photographs, a message of your choice or a combination of both. 

Cost: $42 & up.

Available at Etsy

Photos That Spell L-O-V-E


If you want a romantic gift for your significant other, these classy photo letter blocks will look great on your mantle and are a unique way to show off your love story. 

Cost: $29.99

Available at Personalization Mall

Show Off Where You Live


If you love where you live, show it off in this state-shaped photo collage. Choose your state, the size you want and a style of frame (or no frame at all)—then Minted will put together a state map with three photos of your choice. 

Cost: $42 and up.

Available at Minted

Personalized Baby Blankets


Nobody can deny the cuteness factor of a baby's face ... on a blanket! This cozy polyester fleece blanket comes in various color palettes and can be a personalized gift idea with the baby's name, birthday (including exact time), weight and length. 

Cost: $35.99 and up. 

Available at Personalization Mall

On-Demand Photo Session

Photo by W A T A R I on Unsplash

Still don't have the perfect, card-ready photo of your fam for the holidays? This on-demand photo session is like Uber for photographers. Just find a location where you'd like to shoot, name your time slot, then click to book a free 30-minute photo session. In 3-5 business days, you'll get a gallery of your shots, then pay $15 for each pic you want to buy. 

For now, the company only works in the following cities: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco Bay area and San Antonio. 

Cost: The photo session is free; then $15 per photo. 

Book at Shoott

Rustic Wood Photo

PrintedWoodPhoto via Etsy

We've seen a lot of photos printed on wood, but we really love how this Etsy artist does it. Photos are transferred just enough to display the picture but also let the natural patterns of the wood shine through—every printing is unique. Pictures can also include a mounted rope or hooks for hanging.

Cost: $28.78 & up.

Available on Etsy

Picture Puzzle

Turn your favorite family photo into one of our picks for personalized photo gifts that'll stick around for years to come. Choose a puzzle size ranging from 40 pieces to 1000 pieces, and wait 10 days—that's it! 

Cost: $38 & up

Available at Wentworth Puzzles

Keep It Simple With a Framed Photo


Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mom, your husband, or your best friend—everybody loves a nice, framed photo. This app (and website) lets you test out how various frames look with your photos before you buy. Plus, frames are handmade in the USA and start at $15. 

Cost: $15 and up.

Available at Keepsake Frames

—Melissa Heckscher

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, all items were available for purchase. 

All images courtesy retailers. 



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