A baby monitor is an essential part of any parent’s toolkit but what if your baby monitor could also create memories and mark milestones? With the Pixsee smart baby camera, you get a lot more than just a way to make sure baby is sleeping through the night. Using advanced AI technology and real-world parenting experience, the Pixsee smart baby camera is packed with features parents will love, making it one of the smartest purchases you can make. Read on to discover why the Pixsee smart baby camera is a game changer for parents everywhere.

1. It captures all the memories and milestones

With Pixsee smart baby camera, you’ll capture every touching moment of parenthood around the clock, day after day. Not only does it take pics of your baby, but it can also capture those moments with mom and dad, siblings, or other friends and family. And we’re not talking about grainy images; these are frame-worthy, high-resolution photos you can print and treasure. It has a 6-Layer Optical Glass Lens with Nighthawk NIR Technology helping to produce stunningly clear images.

2. It organizes your photos for you

The 4URLove Collage Album automatically organizes photos starting from the date of birth. Used in conjunction with the Pixsee app, you’ll easily compile images and albums together tracking the growth of their child. Add notes and diaries to every photo with one simple click.

3. It has advanced safety features

Get peace of mind with Pixsee’s industry-leading camera. You can playback the video in a heartbeat or watch the 24-hour live stream in sharp, high-definition resolution. Besides cry detection, the Pixsee smart baby camera uses AI technology to recognize if your baby’s face is covered. It also monitors humidity and temperature in the room and has an area detection that alerts parents if kids have wandered.

4. It has a cry-decoder

Every new parent ever has been in that limbo state where you’re not sure if you should go soothe the baby or if rushing into the room will wake the baby more. Thanks to data from leading hospitals (and parents!) worldwide, the Pixsee smart baby camera helps parents learn what a baby’s different cries mean so parents begin to recognize what the different cries mean and anticipate the baby’s needs.

5. It plays soothing music

Among the many smart detection features, if your baby starts to cry the Pixsee smart baby camera will play soothing music. The smart music box feature even allows you to customize audio clips to suit your baby.

6. It’s well-made and stylish

The award-winning design is not only adorable, but also fits beautifully into any room with a soft-to-the-touch appeal. Plus, each Pixsee is 100 percent uniquely handcrafted and manufactured, which boasts a wonderful, boutique quality.

There’s also a 5-in-1 camera stand that allows you to adjust the height and angle of the camera with just one stand, making it a great newborn gift.

Purchase the Pixsee smart baby camera now through the end of October for a special price of $249. To learn more, visit pixseecare.com/us

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