Sometimes we cringe at the amount of money we spend on LEGOs so the idea of a LEGO rental service is sheer genius. Pleygo, the brainchild of Elina Furman, the publisher of A-List Mom, is the newest and coolest rental service that all LEGO loving families should try now. Like Netflix, you pay a monthly fee in return for your LEGO sets, which are conveniently delivered to your doorstep free of charge. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never step on an errant LEGO piece again, we can promise that Pleygo will help relieve the LEGO clutter in your house and save you a few bucks to boot.

How it Works
If you’re familiar with the Netflix model, then you’re already a Pleygo expert. To start, pick a plan that best suits your little builder’s abilities. You can choose between the “Fan” plan, comprised on small to medium sized sets up to 400 pieces, the “Super Fan” plan for up to 800 pieces, and the “Mega Fan” plan for the ultimate LEGO lover. This plan gives your kiddo access to sets up to a whopping 5400 pieces! The sets get larger and more complex as you upgrade plans, so Pleygo offers age recommendations for all of their sets. Once you’ve found the plan that works for your budding engineer, you can start building a queue of sets that interest them. The Pleygo library is categorized by plan and age range, with additional sets constantly added by new users and current LEGO releases. Sets are mailed out according to where they fall on your kiddo’s wishlist.

The basic “Fan” plan starts at just $15 a month, the “Super Fan” plan costs $25 a month, and the “Mega Fan” comes in at $39 a month. All plans include a guarantee that every set contains all of its pieces (they even throw in a “spare parts” bag just in case) and has been completely sanitized for your little one’s safety.

Play, Then Send Them on Their Way
After your LEGO lover has built, deconstructed, rebuilt with crazy modifications, and smashed it back into its original bricks, throw the the pieces into a baggie, seal it in the provided box, and send it back for the next set on your wishlist. With free shipping on every plan and no limit to the number of exchanges, there’s literally no limit to the number of sets your builder can cycle through.

An added bonus: Pleygo won’t charge you for any missing pieces, provided that most of them have made the journey back to the processing center and not ended up in the vacuum cleaner or swallowed by the couch cushions.

Sign up for a Pleygo membership today and start your building adventure!

What LEGO set has your brick builder currently obsessed?

–Scott Wardell

photos courtesy of{just jennifer}eyeliam, & whiteafrican via Creative Commons

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