This Free Online Resource Offers Everything Kids Need for a Strong Start

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Here’s a cool factoid: A child’s brain makes 1,000,000 new connections every second from birth to age three. If you have a young child, losing (more) sleep worrying about whether or not you are setting them up for success during this crucial developmental stage is not an option right now (neither is turning your home into a research facility).

We were thrilled to learn about this resource to help, the Early Learning Washington County website—bookmark worthy, for sure. This site is a one-stop shop for all resources for parents from pregnancy through the first day of kindergarten. This site gets you easy access to all that the Washington County community offers, including info on Head Start programs, WIC, libraries, leads on quality child care, parenting education and local family events. No more scouring the internet—it’s all in one place and arranged by age group.

Another excellent feature of this site is how easy it is to find low and no-cost Washington Country options for preschool. Getting info and enrollment for Preschool Promise, a publicly funded preschool program for children ages three and four within income guidelines, is also a cinch. There’s even more to love: get free access to early learning programs like videos, play and learn activities, books and kits, a calendar of events and classes!

Early Learning Washington County is a local resource with people and services from your community who understand your needs. You’ll also be able to access support for yourself as well, with parent support and chat groups throughout your community. And it’s accessible to all, with nine preferred language choices, ELWC is user-friendly, inclusive and here for you—get a strong start with Early Learning Washington County!


—Jamie Aderski