If homesteading makes you think of relocating to the forest, we’ve got a big surprise for you. Gnome’s Home, a new and cozy community hub, just opened its doors in October and offers creative classes in self-sufficiency for adult and children including canning, perfume mixology and simple doll-making. Read on to see why we fell in love with Gnome’s Home when we took a peek inside.

credit: Pauline Zonneveld

The Space

If you’ve never been, the space is a hidden gem. Located behind (and in the backyard) of the Heart in Hand preschool, near the corner of Killingsworth and 30th Ave., you could easily walk by and not notice. A few doors down from Milagro’s Boutique, on the same side of the street, is look for the little Heart in Hand sign posted on a fence. Open the gate, cross through the large front yard and then head through the house out into the backyard. There you will see a brand new structure, dubbed the Gnome’s Home.

Inside, the space is super clean, organized with a carefully planned layout. The floor plan is open, with plenty of windows that let natural light stream into the room. In the main area is a kitchen area and a big, soft, circular rug to sit on while you chit chat and learn how to do things.

There is a large, fenced outdoor play space, as well, complete with a chicken coop and a play structure. The outdoor area is mulched and under the cover of trees, so kids can go out rain or shine.

credit: Pauline Zonneveld

Classes for Kids and Their Kinfolk

Adult and child classes are offered individually or in seven week sessions, depending on the class. Families together can learn yoga moves, take Suzuki-based violin lessons, or do a little doll crafting, cinnamon cookie baking, DIY holiday cards and wreath-making. Individual classes are from $15-$80 and the seven-week sessions are $100 for an adult and child. Additional children can attend for $25 each. Check the class schedule here to find out what’s coming up and when to enroll.

Waldorf Parent Child Classes are also offered weekly for parents with kids up to 4 years for $200. They take place every Tuesday morning from 9:30-11:30 a.m. and introduce parents and children to the Waldorf approach to parenting, as well as to the Waldorf school curriculum.

Adult Classes 

If you’re looking for a regular night out of the house to craft up a little social time, here’s a solution. Learn how to make essential oil perfume and about homesteading, like gardening, canning, plant dyeing, keeping chickens and how to take care of sick children. Some of the classes allow kids to accompany parents. Just make sure you check each class description first. In general kids 10 and over are welcome. 

credit: Pauline Zonneveld

The Owner

Owner, Yvonne de Maat has been a certified Waldorf teacher since 2005 and is also a Simplicity Parenting group leader and yoga instructor. On most days at the Heart in Hand Preschool, you can find de Maat joyfully singing, baking, crafting and telling folk tales through puppets with the little ones.

Heart in Hand Preschool and Gnome’s Home
5405 NE 30th Ave.
Online: gnomeshome.org

What homesteading classes would you like to take? Let us know in the comments below!

—Suzie Ridgway




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