A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, families found themselves deeply immersed in epic battles. Every man, woman and child was unplugged in that time, using nothing but their wits and the hands that they were dealt. The children fought ruthlessly against their parents, who were growing more overconfident by the minute, yet weaker with every bubbly brew they consumed. But, despite the hard-fought losses and boastful victories, the laughter continued and the battles became a regular part of the families’ lives.

The time to pick up where they left off is now and the place to do it is The Portland Game Store. This new gamer haven just opened its doors on N. Killingsworth. Read on to find out what we discovered when we took a peek inside.

photo: Portland Game Store via Yelp

The Scoop 

What began as a small business loan and Kickstarter campaign for three north Portland thirtysomethings, Hans Albing, Kat Halpenny and Ryan Mauk, has become a gamers’ paradise. Over Labor Day weekend, The Portland Game Store opened its doors, offering up the hottest board, card and role playing games for purchase as well as a place to play them with others. The all ages, all hours, female-friendly establishment also stocks crunchy snacks, cold beer and cider and non-alcoholic bevvies to keep weary gamers fueled as they wage war with one another.

photo: Portland Game Store via Yelp

The Layout

The first thing you’ll notice about this new retail store, across from PCC’s central campus, is the well-lit space, crisp, fresh paint and gleaming hardwood floors. The store is clean, bright and meticulously organized.

Games of all stripes are on shelves lining the walls and displayed on several stand-alone bookshelves on the left side of the store as you enter. Every game is clearly visible and super simple to find. It’s also really fun to walk and browse, discovering new games around every corner. Miniature models and hobby paint can be found near the back of the store.

The wrap-around counter is at the center of the store, filled with rare cards and smaller items, like multi-sided dice. The friendly staff is happy to answer any questions and offer suggestions for the perfect family game if you feel clueless.

Along the entire right of the store are long game tables with room to spread out, plenty of seating and ample light for you to see clearly as you crush your opponents. Oftentimes, at one or two of the tables, a game or demo is either already in progress or ready to begin.

The Games

Board, card and miniature games lining the walls and on the shelves include games for a variety of ages, like Sushi Go! and Adventure Time. They also carry starter decks, booster packs and themed decks for classic games, like Magic: The Gathering. Board games, like 7 Wonders and the popular Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures game and role playing games (RPG), like Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Star Wars and Pathfinder can also be found here. Go in to see what all they offer, or visit their website ahead of time.

photo: Portland Game Store via Yelp

The Gaming Sessions

Want to set up a regular game night with your kids and your friends? Do it. Weekly gaming sessions and tournaments are posted on their Facebook page, so you and the family can set up a night to unplug from the screen and play some imagination-sparking games, like Splendor, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Star Wars: X-Wing or Warmachine/Hordes. Drop-ins are highly encouraged.

The crew also plans to add a couple of kids-only events in the not-too-distant future. Keep an eye squarely fixated on Facebook for details. 

photo: Portland Game Store via Yelp

The Details

Tues.-Thurs., 2-10 p.m.
Fri., 2 p.m.- midnight
Sat., 11 a.m.- midnight
Sun., noon – 8 p.m.
(closed Mon.)

922 N Killingsworth St.
Online: theportlandgamestore.com

Does your family play board or card games? Let us know which ones in the comments below!

—Suzie Ridgway

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