Whether you’re looking for party favors or a special treat, Portland’s got some of the best candy stores and chocolate shops around

If you’ve got kids, you know candy is part of deal. And not just because it’s a requirement for many holidays and special occasions (we’re looking at you, Halloween). With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought you might be on the hunt for some special sweets for your kids or your partner in parenting. That’s why we did the hard work of heading out in search of the best candy stores and chocolate shops in town. And boy, did we find more than a few that will satisfy your sweet tooth. So the next time you need a little extra sugar in your day, be sure to visit one of these spots.

The Best Candy Stores in Portland

1. Moonstruck Chocolate

Moonstruck? More like heart-struck by how insanely good these truffles are. Seriously, if you are a chocolate lover then you have to check out Moonstruck's array of truffles, caramels, bars, and bundles. Own your preferences because Moonstruck has it all, not to mention all their products are ethically sourced and handcrafted with local ingredients.

17905 N.E. Sandy Blvd.
Online: moonstruckchocolate.com

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2. Rocket Fizz

This sugar-filled store has it all—wildly-flavored sodas, retro candies, and saltwater taffy in every flavor imaginable. Packed with chocolates, candies, and hilarious gift items, the Portland location of Rocket Fizz is an explosion of fun. You can thrill your kids when you hit up this candy store where you'll find classic candies like Reeses, Mars Bars, and Pez—and adults are sure to love the retro-candy selection. Rocket Fizz has something for every kind of sweet tooth, so be sure to stop by if you're looking for a little bit of inspiration.

535 S.W. 6th Ave.
Online: rocketfizz.com

3. The Candy Basket

This factory outlet is in an unassuming building in east Portland, but it hides a fun stop for buckets of candy. Don’t miss the crowning glory at the entrance—a 40-foot chocolate waterfall. While you can’t dip a cup in and taste, it does make a great photo op. In the gift shop you can pick up salt water taffy, truffles, chocolate covered gummy bears, and more. Shop online for delivery, as well.

1924 N.E. 181st Ave.
Online: candybasketinc.com

4. Lolli & Pops

You'll feel like you've just stepped into a storybook at this adorable candy store just outside the city. With a color scheme that rivals the best-tasting cotton candy, and a vast inventory that's sure to please everyone that walks through the doors, this spot exudes charm. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here. Imported candy that's hard to get? They've got it. Bulk candy you can stock up on? Check. Seasonal sweets for every occasion? Absolutely. In fact, you don't even need a special occasion to stop in here. 

Insider Tip: Lolli & Pops ins't the only candy store you'll find here. You can also pick up sweets at Candy Tyme and See's.

Clackamas Town Center
12000 S.E. 82nd Ave.
Happy Valley, OR
Online: lolliandpops.com

5. Creo Chocolate

Don't call it repetitive advertising, call it the truth: give the gift of love with chocolate. Why kid ourselves? The gift of love, when it all boils down, will always be those sweet, tiny morsels. Vegan? Creo believes everyone should enjoy chocolate all the same and has two customizable plant-based options. Their normal selections of chocolate bars, truffles, and caramels are available, too. Drooling yet? Good, jump in the car and get your sugar a little sugar—and get yourself something while you're at it.

122 N.E. Broadway
Online: creochocolate.com

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6. Azar Indulgences

Chocolate this, dairy that, gluten here, gluten there—how in the heck is someone who has a restricted diet supposed to indulge in the deliciousness of sweets with all this run-of-the-mill chocolate? Never fear, Azar Indulgences in SW Portland has a variety of chocolates that are dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free. Don't miss out on a day plied with chocolate without having some yourself. Head to Azar to swoop up these restriction-friendly delights ASAP. Azar sells boxes, bars, and individual chocolates, depending on how big that sweet tooth of yours is.

712 S.W. Salmon St.
Online: chocolate.azarindulgences.com

7. The Meadow

Here's a quick head's up: you will go to one of The Meadow's four locations for chocolate, but you might leave with more than just sugar. If you love to browse, this store is the place for you. Who knows, perhaps your hunt for an amazing chocolate shop will land you with a new salt block, a bouquet of flowers, bitters, or any of The Meadow's other wonderful gifts. Think of it as a two-for-one opportunity. Their chocolate selection has seasonal arrivals, dark, milk, and white chocolate, as well as flavored chocolate options and packaged drinking chocolates. Plus, some of The Meadow's flowers or a bottle of their wine wouldn't be a terrible addition to your bag on the trip.

Locations in Nob Hill, North Portland, Southeast Portland & Nolita/Soho
Online: themeadow.com

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8. Betty Rose's Chocolate & Coffee

Formerly Fleur Chocolatte & Wine, this Portland candy store, just over the border, is under new ownership as of the first of the year and has a new name—Betty Rose's Chocolate & Coffee. But don't worry, its strong suit—truffles—is still the same. From Butter Pecan to Almond Coconut, Betty Rose's has flavors that will appease any palate. Into minty freshness? Traditional flavors or novel ones, any of these little treats will have your kids asking why you didn't buy a second box. Try a sampler pack in case decision paralysis takes over. Or if you know exactly what you want, mix and match any truffles for the ultimate flavor experience. 

1304 Main St.
Vancouver, WA
Online: fleur-chocolatte.com

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