With Stay at Home and social distancing rules keeping parents and kids apart, many parents are struggling with work, personal and parenting challenges. Finding ways to stay connected socially is more important now than ever. You don’t have to go it alone. Portland has a variety of parenting Facebook groups that allow parents to share tips, thoughts and support one and other.Read on for our top picks for you to choose from below. 

photo: via Portland Moms Group


Portland Mom Collective

This community focuses on online and offline connections in the Portland area, as well as great content like summer camp round-ups, goofy videos, or babysitter connections. With giveaways, advice on tough topics, book clubs, and more, you will always find something interesting. The group aims to let anyone in our busy city know that while this mom thing can be tough, you’re not alone. 

Online: facebook.com/portlandmomcollective/

Vancouver/Portland Crunchy Mamas

Whether you’re make-your-own-deodorant crunchy, or just curious about cloth diapers, this group is a welcoming and supportive place! The judgement-free zone welcomes mamas who love home remedies, gardening, cloth diapers, diy baby food, or any combination of that and more. Including moms in Vancouver and beyond the city limits, the  members of this group are happy to chat about getting beet puree out of a onesie or the best way to cloth diaper on-the-go. Even if you’re not sure you’re 100% crunchy, it’s fine: you’ll still find some amazing tips on saving money and raising happy babies!

Online: facebook.com/groups/1377774012448929/

photo: supportPDX via flickr

LGBTQ Parents of Portland

Portland might be one of the friendlier cities for LGBTQ folks, but there’s still some unique struggles you face as you figure out this parenting thing with the rest of us. Get the support, friendship, vent-sessions, and connection you need here! Even if you’re just starting your journey and trying to get pregnant or adopt, check this group out for stellar tips and real life connections for your whole family.

Online: facebook.com/groups/173422979398484/

Portland Autism Moms

This supportive community shares stories, trades secrets, and plans activities for moms and parents of kids on the spectrum. Full of fun and love, the group is there when you need a 3 a.m. support chat, or a place to share your secret tips for the best places for sensory play! Connect to the Meet-Up group for some IRL play-dates or mom dates, like brunch at Jam on Hawthorne with their awesome play area.

Online: facebook.com/groups/WAMmoms


photo: steven via flickr

Full House Moms and Dads

This popular website serving Oregon and SW Washington has a very active Facebook group for families with multiples: twins, triplets, quadruplets and more! Dishing out tips on how to keep up with the unique demands of having multiples, the group offers support, trades, tips, and the precious, vital knowledge that someone has done this before. Whether you’re trying to breastfeed both twins at once or looking for the perfect stroller for all three of your kiddos, this group has got you covered. Bonus points for in-person meet ups all over town!

Online: facebook.com/groups/505805442823848

Portland Single Parents

When you’re raising kids all on your own, there’s nothing better than a strong group of fellow parents to support you. This isn’t a dating site, but rather a group that offers resources and friends for moms and dads all across the Portland metro area. Get some new ideas on parenting strategies or time management, or arrange a night out to really let off the steam or make a great connection.

Online: facebook.com/groups/PortlandSingleParents/

photo: portland moms blog via facebook

Portland Mama’s Free Items Group

Who likes free stuff? This is the group for parents looking to gain or get rid of anything baby-related. Parenting stuff seems to pile up exponentially, and no one has an entire garage to turn into Baby Central. When your little one turns out to be weirdly picky about white noise after three different sound machines, it’s time to let them go.

And next time, look here before you buy– there’s always a treasure heading out the door somewhere.

Online: facebook.com/groups/1591662991055495/

photo: hike it baby

Hike it Baby- Portland

Hike It Baby Portland is the hub for opportunities to get your tots outside. At over 8,500 local members, it’s one section of a large non-profit geared to families with kids ages 0-5. Here’s the place where you can ask what backpack feels the best, which trail is great for your learning-to-walk toddler, or just meet up with other families getting outside.

After a 90-day trial, the non-profit asks for a $10/year membership fee to join in on hikes–it goes to helping families across North America get outside. Sign up on the main website to access a vibrant community with all hikes, the community calendar, and virtual challenges to help you get out and move.

The group’s motto, No Hiker Left Behind, emphasizes a happy and slow pace that lets everyone enjoy the outdoors (even while dealing with diapers, meltdowns, and the need to carry extra snacks!). With over 18,000 national member families and vibrant community, this is one that will help you and your kids get out, explore, move, and love life.

Online: facebook.com/groups/hikeitbaby/

Portland Mamas

This active group is the authority on Portland Parenting! What started as a small space for a handful of moms in the area has grown to over 19,000 members offering advice, resources and support in an open and friendly manner. Ideas come fast and thick here, so if you’re looking for the best soft shoes for your toddler, or the best school backpack, strap in and get ready! It’s like crowd-sourcing from thousands of great friends who have tried it first.

Online: facebook.com/groups/130976623628300

And to exchange your own favorite gear with other moms, check out their spin off Trading Post here.

Online: facebook.com/groups/1503338156616343


photo: pdx dads group

PDX Dad’s Group

Don’t feel left out, Dads! There are so many of you out there, whether you’re staying at home with the kiddos or working part or full time, you are rocking that Dad thing. Meet up with other great Dads across the city here– they plan game nights, zoo excursions, play dates, and more. Get tips on a killer monster truck craft, hints on where the best kid-friendly breweries are, and events to meet other dads. They’re passionate about making sure dads feel engaged, needed, and supported, and the support they provide can be vital to a happy dad and family.

Online: facebook.com/PDXDadsGroup

Note: Many of these groups are closed and will require you to confirm a few things, like how old your kids are and if you live in the area. Response times are fast, so don’t let it deter you– it also helps ensure that members truly belong.

—Annette Benedetti

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