Say Hello to The World’s First Non-Profit Brewpub

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Yes, you read that right. Portland is home to the world’s first non-profit brewpub. We love our craft brews (duh) and we also have more non-profits per capita than any other city in the US (now that’s news). Put those two together and you have this genius idea for food, drink and the opportunity to support a local cause. Meet Oregon Public House.

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New Word of the Day: Philanthropub
Located in the Woodlawn neighborhood, the Oregon Public House has been open since May and in the first two weeks gave away over $2000 to local charities like Friends of Trees, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of the Children, Compassion First and more.

Open every day of the week for lunch and dinner, this pub is serving the fare you’d expect like sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts (homemade ice cream sandwiches anyone?) and sports a well-priced kids menu as well. Oregon Public House does intend to brew their own beer soon but for now their taps are pouring lots of favorites. Plus they have local red and white wines by the glass and sodas and iced tea. There’s a play space for the little pubsters and your littles can sit at any table (just not the bar).

OPH kiddo area c nd t

Eat, Drink and Be Charitable
The brainchild of Ryan Saari, the Oregon Public House is in the same building as Woodlawn Swap n Play and the Village Ballroom. On Tuesday mornings Mr. Ben plays there from 10:00 – 11:00 and on Fridays Mr. Hoo rocks the house. Making a double shot of your time rocking out by hitting the pub after for some lunch (kiddo lunch specials after these shows are not unheard of) seems like a perfect outing for you and the little rockstars in your care. Woodlawn Park is a quick stroll down the street as well if you need to burn off some calories and energy after lunch or dinner.

OPH menu and bar
The Dish on the Dishes
Right now the scene at the OPH is to order at the bar upon arrival, then the drinks and food are delivered to your table. After you eat, guests are asked to bus their own table. This allows for a lean staff and more money to go to the charities. Holla!

The first of its kind anywhere, the philanthropub founders aim to inspire and change business models going forward. In this case truly impacting community – while also enjoying a pint. The Oregon Public House’s motto is straightforward; Have a pint. Change the world. Don’t mind if we do!
OPH outside

The Oregon Public House
700 NE Dekum
Portland, OR  97211
503 828 0884

— Liz Overson

Photos courtesy of Liz Overson and The Oregon Public House Facebook page.