Where to Dine With Kids in Downtown Portland

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Whether you happen to be in downtown Portland running errands and need to find a place to eat (and quick!) or you’re planning an afternoon to do some in-city exploring, sometimes it’s hard to figure out which of the many restaurants are kid-friendly. Here is a list of some family-friendly restaurants in downtown Portland – from chic to casual – to get you started! 

Heathman Restaurant
Really? You’re sure to be saying right now. The Heathman? Isn’t that where people go for happy hour and fancy schmancy dinner? Yes, you’re right – The Heathman Restaurant is a downtown staple for chic dining, but it’s also a fantastic choice for dining downtown with the kids! We wouldn’t consider The Heathman a place to just drop in after a long day of exploring downtown kind of place, but if you are downtown for something special, they are very accommodating to children.

At the Heathman Hotel, 1001 SW Broadway
Online: heathmanrestaurantandbar.com

Kenny and Zuke’s Deli
Kenny and Zuke’s is one serious deli – and the perfect stop for lunch when you’re hanging out in downtown Portland. And besides having a menu as delicious as it is lengthy, Kenny and Zuke’s is always a kid-friendly option – lots of choices for picky eaters and it’s loud enough inside that you won’t be shushing your loud toddler throughout the entire meal. During the warmer months, you can even eat outside. There can be quite a wait at Kenny and Zuke’s, so put your name on the list before the kids are all starving!

1038 SW Stark Street
Online:  kennyandzukes.com

Mother’s Bistro
It’s no secret that we’re a huge fan of Mother’s Bistro for family-friendly dining in Portland and we’re happy to include them again on this list of great places to dine downtown! From the delicious menu for both parents and children, to the little play area, to the servers who actually talk to your kids and ask them what they’d like to eat, Mother’s is probably one of the top family restaurant picks in all of Portland, not just downtown. Like most popular restaurants, there can be a wait at Mother’s – particularly for breakfast or brunch. Put your name on the list and then wander across the street to the used bookstore and pick up something new while you wait.

212 SW Stark Street
Online:  mothersbistro.com

The Original: A Dinerant
Way cooler than your average diner, The Original is a downtown dining hotspot for families! Serving traditional diner food, but with a yummy Northwest spin, the menu is simple, but impressive and has something for kids to enjoy any time of day (Fruitloop pancakes? Yes, please!). Kids will also love their long milkshake and malt menu and parents will be pleased that they serve Stumptown Coffee and have a full bar.

300 SW Sixth Avenue
Online:  originaldinerant.com

When you’re downtown with the kiddos, where is your favorite place to grab a bite? Tell us your go-to spots – from fancy to casual!

— Katie Kavulla