Arcades are scarce nowadays as our little ones are growing up in the age of PlayStation and Xbox. But have no fear! There is a special little place where you can still hear the ping, zings and tokens oozing from the change machine. An arcade that is just as cool as you remember ‘em to be, fully equipped with air hockey, skee ball, pinball…all begging for your high score. Even the pricing is retro with most games taking two to four nickels per play. Yes! Nickels. So, grab your little ones and take a trip back to your glory days at Electric Castle’s Wunderland.

Need to Know
Wunderland charges admission but hey, it’s so worth it. Adults admission is $2.75 and kiddos $2.25 (ages 5-11). After entering the arcade, your first mission is to buy your baggies of nickels you and your little ones before you can play the neon, noisy, pingy, crane-y, driving game delights.  And just as you remember from rainy summer days at the beach arcade, you get tickets as you play that are redeemable to for cool prizes your little tykes will love.

At Electric Wunderland, you can teach your little ones the ins and outs of air hockey or help them land a 100-pointer in skee ball and transform them into mini pinball wizards. Afterwards, jhop on a motorcycle or speedboat and drag race with your tiny tots. And after all that high-speed adventure, step right up to your first arcade loves – Pac Man, Donkey Kong, target action and bonking hippo heads. It’s all as it used to be and it’s still crazy fun.

If We Had a Nickel for Every Time…
Some Wunderlands even come attached with a movie theater showing $3 movies. And we’re not talking older flicks but the most current films playing in theaters everywhere. Some offer stadium seating, some offer 3D action and all offer tasty popcorn, candies and other yummy treats and a chance to sit back and enjoy the show.

No Wooden Nickels
The well-trained and ever-present gang at Wunderland could not be nicer or friendlier, always willing to help you and the family out with broken or jammed games. Plus, they will help you make choices about where and what to play, how many nickels to buy and most important of all – how to spend those tickets! The staff is also extremely dedicated to safe, clean and friendly arcades so no worries here.

Electric Castle Wunderlands are available for parties and groups. For the diehards, check out the web site for Club Wunderland details, coupons and newsletters. Currently, this awesome arcade is open Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 pm-11:00 pm, Fridays from 12:00 pm-midnight and Saturday from 11:00 am- midnight. It’s a cool way to spend a rainy afternoon with the ones you love and it’s THE best spot around to rub two nickels together!


Milwaukie Cinema and Wunderland
11011 SE Main Steet
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Gresham Cinema and Wunderland
140 NW Burnside Road
Gresham, OR 97030

Gateway Wunderland
10306 NE Halsey St
Portland, OR 97220

Beaverton Wunderland
4070 Cedar Hills Boulevard
Beaverton, OR 97005

Salem Wunderland
1657 Hawthorne NE
Salem, OR 97301

Tell us about your trip to Wunderland in the comment section below!

— Liz Overson

Thanks for the photos Electric Castle’s Wunderland Facebook page!

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