Products You’ll Need for Each Trimester (Including the 4th One)

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One thing that helps with the stress of a new pregnancy is knowing you have the products you need to help you through the next nine months and beyond. Find out what to expect and what to buy with this pregnancy buying guide that includes the very important fourth trimester! Here’s our list of essential items you can rely on through each stage of your pregnancy so you can rest easier as you prepare for your little one’s arrival.

1st Trimester

From alleviating morning sickness to a tip on how to keep your favorite jeans on rotation, here are a few things to help get you through your first few months of pregnancy. 

Preggie Pop Drops
Morning sickness affects more than half of pregnant women. The nausea-causing illness, which is usually the worst between weeks 6 and 12, can be caused by a variety of factors, such as hormonal changes, low blood sugar, vitamin deficiencies, stress, fatigue and general anxiety. Preggie Pop Drops are a natural supplement that ease the symptoms of morning sickness. They come in tasty flavors like green apple, sour raspberry, and sour tangerine. If the pops don't do the trick, some pregnant women swear by Sea-Band accupressure wrist bands to get them through the roughest days. 

The Bellaband
Even though most people probably won't know you're pregnant, there will come a time in the first weeks or months of pregnancy that you feel like you're popping out of your pants. It's this exact moment that inspired an invention many pregnant mommas list as one of their die-hard maternity essentials. The Bellaband by Ingrid and Isabel lets you stay in your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans for longer without sacrificing comfort. The greatest part is it works for every trimester, including the post-pregnancy fourth one: You can use it to hold up maternity pants that are now big on you or keep up pre-pregnancy jeans that are still too tight.

Mayo Clinic Pregnancy Guide
One of the coolest things about the first trimester is that so much is happening under that burgeoning bump. The easiest way to learn about your baby's week-to-week growth is with the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. This illustrated book offers advice, meal-planning tips, healthy exercise options and much more. It's a great reference tool for each stage of your pregnancy.

2nd Trimester

Congratulations! You made it through the first three months and are on to what some call the "honeymoon trimester." If you experienced morning sickness, it has more than likely subsided, and you should be feeling more energetic during the second semester, so this is a good time to focus more on other areas of self-care. 

Soma Glass Water Bottle
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That's the name of the game in the second trimester. Sometimes drinking from a pretty bottle makes it easier to do and remember. Our favorite is the Soma Glass Water Bottle, which comes in a variety of colors. Made from high-quality, shatter-resistant glass with an easy-grip protective sleeve, it’s perfectly designed to fit into your bag, your cup holder, and your lifemaking it easy to drink up!

Mio Skin Care
Trimester two lasts from the week 14 to the end of week 28, and your baby grows a LOT during this time. By the end of the 2nd trimester, baby will be the size of a butternut squash (check out how big your baby is each week). That means your body is changing and your skin can take the brunt of all this growth. Your stomach needs to expand and you may also be dealing with pesky breakouts from hormonal shifts. Mio Skin Care's second trimester bundle includes everything you need to keep your belly, breasts and face moisturized and glowing. 

Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies
In addition to the extra energy you'll be enjoying in the second trimester, you'll probably notice something else: You're starving, like all the time! Carrying Erin Baker's breakfast cookies with you to ensure you don't get hangry is a life-saver. They come in a variety of flavors (double chocolate, peanut butter, carrot cake, oatmeal raisin, and more) and are perfect for the morning or mid-day when you need a satisfying snack to keep you going. 

3rd Semester

You're in the homestretch! That's good to remember because the third trimester can get a little uncomfortable. You may experience pelvic pressure, back aches and have more trouble sleeping with your growing baby wriggling and working its way to full-term. Here are some essentials to get you to the finish line. 


4th Trimester

You've done it! In the last nine months, you've created a new life. Considering that growing your baby didn't happen overnight, recovering from childbirth doesn't either. Often considered the fourth trimester, the 12-14 weeks post-delivery is a very special (and intense!) time. Here are some products to help make this final trimester more bearable. 

The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide
Equally as important as the guides about pregnancy are the books about when your baby arrives. The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality supports women though postpartum healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and provides a roadmap to this important transition in a new mother's life. 

Blackout Curtains
You probably already know this, but the one thing you'll crave more than anything else during those first few months after your baby is born is sleep. That's why hanging blackout curtains in your room, where you and baby will probably be spending a lot of time, is key for better rest. 

Booby Tubes
The name sounds funny, but trust us: These are a lifesaver for breastfeeding discomfort in the first few months after childbirth. Booby Tubes are clever little, gel-free breast packs made with an organic cotton shell and filled with fresh, pliable flaxseed. They can be heated or cooled depending on what you find most soothing. Try heat to avoid clogged ducts and encourage milk flow, and use cold to reduce tenderness. 

— Aimee Della Bitta


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