A mom documented an experiment where she taped melons to her husband’s stomach and chest to make him “pregnant,” and it’s perfect content

Anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows that stage you reach when you feel like you have a watermelon and a couple of cantaloupes strapped to your body at all times. Well, one mom took that literally to teach her husband a thing or two about how it feels to grow a new human, and thank goodness she documented it for the world to see.

Rini Frey, a mom who goes by @ownitbabe on Instagram, conducted this “pregnant dad” experiment by securely strapping a large watermelon and two hefty cantaloupes to her hubby and then having him go about a normal day, just like any pregnant mom would.

“How did he do? I felt very seen watching him,” she wrote in the caption.

His first task was to lie down on the couch and try to get comfortable, which any mom knows is a joke.

“The grunts are so relatable,” Frey says as he twists around, trying to find a position that doesn’t crush his body under the weight of his literal melons.

We also get to watch him try to pick something up off the floor, get in and out of the car, and lie down in bed.

“Now I know why you have trouble breathing,” dad says as he tries his side, and then his back, all to no avail. Pregnant moms everywhere are nodding emphatically.

But the best part of the video comes when Frey’s husband has to try to sit on the toilet and figure out how to wipe. Front to back? When he can’t see and can barely reach? HA! The confused look on his face is just so validating. He has no idea what to do next, and we get it, TBH. Been there. Except we had no choice but to figure it out. For many months. Good luck, buddy.

All in all, Frey’s husband was a good sport, and he did his best—but this video really shows just how strong women are.

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