Pregnant Mom’s List of ‘Rules for Meeting the Baby’ Goes Viral for Good Reason

rules for meeting the baby tiktok Maisie Crompton/TikTok

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that you can never been too careful. It also taught us to safeguard our homes and feel empowered to speak up about what makes us uncomfortable, which is what Maisie Crompton did recently in a now-viral TikTok video.

Following the “rules for when our baby arrives” trend that’s been popular for some time, the expecting mom shared her eight-part list of boundaries that she is instituting when her bundle of joy comes. The list wasn’t outlandish or discriminatory––in fact, it was pretty much common sense and courtesy.

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But that didn’t stop people from criticizing the 20-year-old mom-to-be, warning her that she was being too strict or that she’ll be too tired to enforce them when rude visitors show up at her door unannounced. But Crompton isn’t worried, and despite some of the negative Nancys, she’s had plenty of support, too.


Seen so many of these videos… here’s my “rules for when I have a baby” ✍🏻👶🏻#pregnancyjourney #rulesformybaby #trending #mumsunder21

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“Honestly as a visiting guest I would feel so much more comfortable being handed this list so I can make sure I’m making the mum most comfortable,” said one comment. Another agreed with Crompton, saying “Love it, 👏🏽 I am the same way and DO NOT CARE who gets offended. Don’t like it?? Don’t visit us.”

Despite her boundaries being just the baseline for being a respectful human being, that didn’t stop tabloids like The Sun and the Mirror from picking up the story. The TikToker has done several follow-up videos on how she plans to enforce the rules, which doesn’t really involve handing over the list to family and friends. She’s actually crafted a thoughtful message that outlines her main priority, which is keeping her baby safe.

It looks like Crompton is already learning a valuable lesson: It’s never too early to protect your children.


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