How many times have you seen Youtube videos of little boys and girls dancing to latest pop or hip hop video? And they never miss a beat! I’m an adult and I have a still have a hard time not looking silly on the dance floor!

Yes, we are fascinated by this mastery of rhythm and singing in the youngest ones and that is because music is an essential stimulus in them: it transforms them, entertains them and teaches them many things. Let’s take a look at all of the positive effects that music can have on children:

1. Music Fosters Creativity

Music stimulates the right side of the brain – the creative side. Music helps mold or visualization, visualization capabilities, and creativity. Music helps a child’s imagination travel through a diversity of different worlds, living experiences and emotions that enrich their mind.

One of the best instruments to practice creativity is the drums. With them, kids can learn to keep the rhythm and tempo of song (and dance onbeat J Surely many would love to have a drum set at home. But I learned this the hard way, for your own sanity, try to go for an electrical one or invest in some quality good headphones.

2. Music enhances Concentration

Listening to music helps your child focus his attention on the different sounds and tones of the song, enhancing his concentration. Instruments such as the guitar, piano and violin are the best options after your kid is at least 5 years old.

Their constant practice will make them develop a greater capacity of memory, concentration and coordination. All this will be reflected in an increase in their self-esteem and self-worth, as they may for example get to play along their favorite song, while beginning to understand the importance of being perseverant.

3. Improved motor skills

Dancing makes children follow the rhythm of music finding a new way of expressing themselves through their body. Arms and legs begin to move harmoniously, coordinating their movements -or at least, trying to do so- and improving their motor development.

Both dance and movement will increase your physical performance, facilitating sleep and reducing stress. And I’m all for anything that helps my little one fall asleep faster.

4. Better Auditory Perception

The different notes, low and high, help your ears begin to differentiate the different tones of melodies. Your eardrums begin to mature –  recognizing the different sounds, improving your overall hearing and understanding of music.

I played the piano, saxophone, and clarinet as a kid. To this day, I am able to hear and appreciate music better than most of the people around me. Regardless of the genre, friends of mine who grew up either playing or producing music have a much better awareness and understanding of the melodies and harmonies that underpin some of our favorite songs.

5. Reinforces language

Children like repetition and imitation, singing pieces that they know will enhance and refine their language and help them communicate their feelings in a different way, as well as helping them to memorize more effectively. That said, if I hear the Gummy song one more time, my head may explode.

6. Sociability

Music helps children socialize. Thanks to music, groups are created where children begin to communicate with each other. Good instruments to play in a group setting are percussion instruments such as the maracas, the triangle, drums or the congas.

Musical work strengthens cooperative work, respect for oneself and others, toleration of (inevitable) mistakes of others, solidarity and being more open to criticism. In short, children are emotional beings and sound has a powerful effect on affectivity.

Music is essential for children from the earliest ages. Logically it is one of those things that is at the last level of the priorities of these families since we’re focused on things like housing, education, health – the basics. And many school programs are cutting back on the arts unfortunately as they face a shortage of funding. Collectively, we need to ensure that music remains in our schools.

I have seen the joy in countless children’s faces as they sing their favorite songs, gleefully dancing along to the music with other parents and friends.

For me, music instills a childhood with all the positive effects of perseverance, teamwork and creativity. So please don’t stop the music.

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