Get ready to head back to Genovia — sources say The Princess Diaries 3 is officially in the works!

If there’s anything we need right now, it’s a return to our roots. Our Genovian roots. And Disney has apparently heard our prayers, because it seems that a long-awaited third installment in the Princess Diaries franchise is finally on the way.

The news hasn’t been officially confirmed by Disney, but buzz started building this week when sources revealed that Aadrita Mukerji, who wrote Reacher and Quantum Leap, is working on a script, and that Debra Martin Chase is on board to return to produce the new film. Executive producing will reportedly be Melissa Stack, who has already worked with Disney on 2020’s Godmothered. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new story will be a continuation of the first two movies, which is really all we need to hear.

Unsurprisingly, the internet lit up at the good news.

Because this is still so early, reports say that Anne Hathaway hasn’t yet struck a deal with Disney to return to her role as Princess Mia Thermopolis. But the actress has been vocal in the past about her support for another sequel. Just last month, she told Entertainment Tonight that she’d love the chance to work with the “magnificent” Julie Andrews on another installment.

“I would more than entertain it, I’m pulling for it,” she said at the time. “If there’s any way to get Julie Andrews involved, I think we would make it work. We would go to where she was and put a green screen behind her and just make it happen.”

Hathaway created a pop culture zeitgeist when she starred in the 2001 Princess Diaries as Mia, a dorky American teenager who discovers she’s actually the princess of a small European nation called Genovia. She then returned for The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement in 2004 to continue the story. Both movies hold up, and if you haven’t watched them in a while, this is your sign to cozy up with them on Disney+ today. There’s no time like the present to brush up on your Genovian culture and knowledge before the third movie finally arrives.

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