It takes a lot to top a day at Disney—but this Orange County Airbnb may have done it. The meticulously Disney-fied “Princess Palace” home—located 10 minutes from Disneyland—isn’t stopping at its princess-themed bedrooms and a killer backyard playground/pool setup that’ll keep the kids busy long enough for Mom and Dad to have an actual conversation. It’s also got a secret game room that’ll blow your minis’ minds… once they figure out how to get inside.  (Hint: It’s not that hard!).

The Bedrooms

But first things first. Walking into the modest three-bedroom Anaheim-area home, your kids will first need to decide which of the three themed bedrooms they’ll want to claim as theirs. The Cinderella room has two bunk beds (one with a pull-out trundle) perfect for a brood of little princesses; the Aladdin room has a king-sized bed and a flying carpet suspended from the ceiling—plus loads of fun details like jewels over the doorways and hanging golden lanterns fit for Arabian nights; and the Beauty and the Beast room, which is far and away the coolest room in the house. Why? Because it’s MAGICAL. At least, your kids will think so.

The Magic

Before we get to that magical door inside Beauty’s room, let’s talk about the china cabinet. Push the button on its side, and the candelabra Lumiere, which you probably didn’t notice atop the cabinet, will (kind of) come to life—playing the music of “Be Our Guest” throughout the room. But that’s not all!  We don’t want to give away all of the hutch’s secrets, but let’s just say all the items inside it are as enchanted as the beloved characters in the Beast’s castle. That, and this bedroom may have the only bonafide music & light show of any Airbnb ever. Your littles will want to press that button over and over again.

But wait! What about that magical bookshelf over there in the corner? There’s a button there, too. It says: “Looking to Enter?” Push it and you’ll get the lowdown. Once you learn the secret, you’ll be able to swing open the door to find…THE COOLEST GAME ROOM of any Airbnb we’ve ever been inside!

There’s air hockey! Shuffleboard! Motorcycle racers! Ms. Pac-Man! Deal or No Deal! And more! All set to free play. Suffice it to say, good luck getting your kids out of here.

The Back Yard

Of course, they will come out eventually. And when they do, lure them outside. This backyard has more toys and play features than a public playground, including a ping pong table, a corn hole game, a teeter-totter, two spring rockers, FIVE kiddie playhouses, a dome climber, a giant Connect Four game, a full swing set with a slide, a small mini golf course. Oh, and a pool (with all the rafts, kiddie floats, and pool toys you’d need for a proper pool day).

The Rest

Let’s be honest: With this ginormous a fun factor, it doesn’t really matter that the house also has a modern kitchen, dining room (with a huge Snow White mural across on one wall and a light-up Snow White Cottage on the mantle),  living room, (with a fully loaded Xbox), three bathrooms, and a laundry room (with four huge laundry machines!). It doesn’t really matter that every nook and cranny of this home is filled with loving nods to Disney, with interactive “push me!” buttons spread out across the rooms, each holding their own musical or light surprises. We grown-up Disney fans will notice (and love) those things; but the kids? You had them at “Secret Game Room.”

More information:
Rates start at $565 per night with a 2-night minimum.

Note: The writer received a free stay, but all of her thoughts and opinions are her own. 


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