10 Long-Lasting Products Every Mom Needs to Know About

Zherr Anne Aquino-Ng

I'm a Disney loving, Target obsessed, mom of 3 from the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm part stay-at-home mom mixed with a dash of blogger and YouTube vlogger.


As a mom of three, I’ve come to know many different products throughout the years for both parents and kids. While I’m not an expert, these are products that I cannot live without. Not only have they made my life easier, but either I love them, my husband loves them, or my kids love them. As a mom to kids in three different age groups, these are products that are useful for a mom with kids from the newborn stage to 5-years-old so the majority of these should be useful for a long while. If you don’t already have these products in your home, you will definitely want them after checking out this list.


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

The sound machine for all ages!


This sound machine and night light combo is perfect for kids of all ages. My kids love it for all the sound and color options, I love it because you can control it from your smartphone.



Instant Vortex Air Fryer 4-in-1

The do-all kitchen appliance


Instant Vortex Air Fryer 4-in-1 Forget the stove and conventional oven, this air fryer not only air fries, but it bakes, roasts, and reheats too. I also love that it basically cuts my time in the kitchen down in half. I can spend less time cooking and more time with my family.



Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

The easiest breast pump ever


This is the one baby product I wish I had during my first two pregnancies. It’s easy to use and super useful for breastfeeding moms. Forget about the electric breast pump, this silicone pump does all the work without all the cords.



Bumpkin Reusable Snack Bags

Cute snack bags


These versatile bags are great not only for snacks, but for small toys, electronics, and more. You’ll be saving the planet with these reusable bags, and there’s so many cute designs to choose from. Just wash and reuse!



Instant Pot

More than a pressure cooker!


The Instant Pot is another appliance mom needs to make cooking so much easier. Not only is it multi-functional, but it also cooks fast and saves you time in the kitchen. And the easy clean-up makes it even better.



Mi Fold

Easy-to-use travel booster


Traveling with kids is so much easier when you have the Mi Fold. It’s compact size makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go. And it’s sleek design is not only convenient, but it’s safe and secure as well.



Baby Shusher

Miracle sleep machine


Another product I wish I had with my first two kids. This shusher really is a miracle worker. All it does is make shush noises for 15-30 minutes, and your kid will just fall asleep. Works on my baby so hopefully it will on yours too!



Philips Avent Bottle Drying Rack

The clean and tidy drying rack


Even if you don’t use Avent bottles, this drying rack is solid. It doesn’t fall apart, it holds 8 bottles plus their parts, and it doesn’t take up so much space on your kitchen counter.



Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser

Instant bottle maker


Make a warm baby bottle instantly with this easy to use formula dispenser. Think a Keurig coffee maker but for baby formula. No need to mix, shake, or measure to make your baby’s bottle. This is another product I wish I had in the past!



Little Tikes Jr Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Instant at-home fun


If there’s one product that has saved me during the pandemic, it’s this bouncer. It’s easy to set-up either indoors or outdoors, and it’s popular for kids of all ages. You want to get your kids tired before nap time? Just take out the bouncer for instant fun.