Raddish Kids, the popular kids culinary kit, is offering families free Cupid-themed cooking kits that they can gift to someone special, because it’s way more rad to share free food kits than Covid. And let’s be honest––they’re a lot cooler than that box of Valentine’s Day cards you keep meaning to pick up at the store (but forgetting).

Twenty thousand kits will be available for families to gift at raddishkids.com/radlove at 10 a.m. PST on Feb. 4th. For every kit gifted, Raddish will donate $1 to World Central Kitchen, an organization dedicated to nourishing communities in times of crisis and beyond.

Raddish Kids is no stranger to mixing it up with a little love. When schools closed in 2020, Raddish gave away 50,000 cooking kits to families in an effort to provide engaging activities for children. And, this month’s free giftable experience is part of Raddish Kids’ “Food is Love” campaign, which gives you access to a digital calendar with activities and recipes your kids can make to show love and kindness throughout the month. Even to their siblings.

—Shelley Massey



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