Kit Kat’s Is Bringing Back Raspberry Crème Flavor for the Perfect Valentine’s Treat

KIT KAT Raspberry Creme
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If you’re already missing all those Christmas sweets and treats, there’s plenty more around the corner when Valentine’s Day arrives. Kit Kat is bringing back a flavor that’s sure to satisfy all those cravings.

Just like the original, the new Kit Kat Raspberry Crème flavor still features those crispy, crunchy layers of wafers. Instead of being coated in milk chocolate, however, these are surrounded by a raspberry-flavored white crème with a pink tint.

KIT KAT Raspberry Creme

This seasonal variety is available now if you just can’t wait until Feb. 14. You can grab a bag of individually wrapped miniatures at retailers like Walmart.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Hershey’s


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