When kids are along for the ride, having your kitchen and bathroom with you is a huge plus

The promise of an upcoming vacation is often the thing that keeps us going through all the other months. With fall on the horizon and lots of leaf-peeping adventures to take, consider hitting the open road in an RV. Sketchy RV parks are a thing of the past with many of them offering kid-friendly perks like water slides, swimming holes, and jumbo rocks to climb on. You’ll love having your kitchen and bedroom along for the ride when you set out in your house on wheels.

1. It's one of the safest ways to travel. 

dog camping in an rv with sunset
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With all the craziness that is air travel these days, traveling in an RV can be one of the safest ways to travel. Imagine, a kitchen to cook meals, your own bathroom, and a self-contained hang-out space just for your family. It's social-distanced travel at its best. 

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2. There's an RV for every kind of family.

If you are a little intimidated by the RVs that look like tour buses, don't worry! You can still get an RV experience without going so big. Pop-up travel trailers and Airstreams that you pull behind your car offer some of the RV features like indoor sleeping and kitchen facilities without having to learn how to drive a huge vehicle.

If you decide to go big, motor homes offer more sleeping options and conveniences like bathrooms and full-sized refrigerators. Think about what you'd like to do and where you'd like to go with your RV before you rent.

3. Your home base travels with you.

family camping in rv in the mountains

If you've ever tried to get a grumpy toddler to nap in a hot tent in a busy campground then you'll know, the struggle is real. With an RV, you have a dedicated sleeping spot where you can put the kids down while you enjoy the fresh air just outside. 

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4. You can bring your toys.

Tent camping means you are limited to what you can fit in the back of the car, so extras like bikes and kayaks usually have to be left at home. An RV gives you extra space to store this stuff so that you can get out and explore the trails and water when you arrive.

5. You can extend your travel to far-away destinations or enjoy the open road in your home state. 


If you are looking to hit the road to one of the national parks or somewhere more than a day's drive away, then an RV is your answer. As long as you plan out your options for overnight RV parking, you have your own built-in hotel room for the journey. This also allows you to be more flexible and go with the flow on how far you drive each day. 

6. The actual travel portion of the trip is part of the adventure.

Trying to fit all the gear you need for your family and your family in one vehicle can lead to a cramped situation. RV camping allows the actual travel portion to be easier for everyone. And, if you go for one of the big bus-style RVs, you can really live it up as you watch the world go by while you play cards at the kitchen table!

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7. Bugs and rain? No biggie!

family eating picnic lunch outside of rv

These two things can make your camping adventure go down the tubes fast. While you'll want to spend most of your camping time exploring the great outdoors, the RV gives you peace of mind in case nature strikes back. 

8. Cooking is easier in an RV.

Cooking while camping requires a hot fire or a propane camp stove, both of which can be iffy if you have wind or any bad weather. RVs offer indoor cooking options that make your job easier. Most have at least a small refrigerator to keep your milk, eggs, and microbrews cold so that you don't have to worry about the problem of constantly melting ice. Some even have microwaves!

9. Power up those devices.

If you can't go completely off-grid for a multi-week camping adventure, an RV provides the option to power up your phone or laptop from your campsite. Either plug the RV into the campground hookups or use the solar-powered options offered by some newer models. That way you can keep all the family and friends back home updated on your adventures.

10. You can bring your dog.


Most campgrounds are very pet-friendly, so bringing your pup along in the RV is an option. When looking for RVs to rent, be sure to check the pet-friendly box when searching, or confirm with the rental company that pets are okay. And, just like a car, never leave your pet alone in an RV. 

11. No more communal campground bathrooms.

family camping on the side of a lake in an rv

Most RVs and travel trailers offer a bathroom option which is key when you are camping with kids, whether there's a COVID-19 concern or not. If you've ever had to help someone with a middle-of-the-night potty break while sleeping in a tent, you know how awesome having your own bathroom is. It can also make those roadside stops more enjoyable, without having to wait in line to use the bathroom before you take in the view. 


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