You can’t go wrong with the California Dreamin’ Dog recipe. Tasty avocados, crisp cucumbers and Nathan’s Famous® Skinless Beef Franks are the perfect combo for this west coast favorite.

Check out the recipe from Nathan’s Famous® below to learn how to whip up your family’s new go-to weeknight dinner.

Total Time Skill Level Servings
20 mins Beginner 4


Nathan’s Famous® Skinless Beef Franks 1 pkg(s)
Hot dog buns 1 pkg(s)
Sliced avocados As needed
Sliced cucumbers As needed
Diced red bell peppers As needed
Cilantro, stems removed As needed
Lime zest


  1. Prep your veggies. Wash and dry all. For the avocado, cut in half around the seed, then rotate and cut around again to create quarters. Separate the quarters and remove seed. Peel the skin away from each segment, then cut into thin slices. Cucumbers can be sliced with the skin on or removed – your choice! Whichever you choose, slice the cucumber into rounds, then cut each round in half. For the bell pepper, cut off the top and bottom, then halve. Cut away the membrane and seeds, then dice. Cilantro should be thoroughly dried (squeeze excess water out if needed), then finely chopped. Zest the lime.
  2. Cook your hot dogs your favorite way. We suggest pan-fried with butter!
  3. Assemble your dog! Nestle dog into the bun, then arrange avocado and cucumber slices alongside. Top with bell pepper and cilantro, then sprinkle lime zest over all.
  4. Optional: Want to add even more West Coast freshness? Finish with a generous drizzle of Green Goddess to cover.

Tips to Stretch Your Dollar

Turn your leftovers into an avocado salad! Add lettuce and you’re ready to go for your next meal. You can even toast your leftover hot dog buns to make some tasty croutons!

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