Got a few vegetarians on your guest list this Thanksgiving? Whether your whole family is vegetarian or you’ve just got a couple of vegan friends joining you for dinner, we’ve got you covered with meat-free main dishes that will wow your guests. They’re so delicious even omnivores will be chowing down. Keep reading to get the scoop on our favorite vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

Vegan Turkey Roast

Courtesy of Chef Jay L Weiner

Chef Jay Weiner offers up a Vegan-friendly option that fulfills the main dish requirements at your table this year. Get the recipe here. 

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Walnuts, Parsley and Garlic

Irena Macri

These sweet potatoes from Irena Macri are a feast for the eyes and the stomach. The key is the super flavorful topping, made with a delicious mix of walnuts, herbs and garlic. Click here to get the recipe.

Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash

Veggies Save the Day

Put fall produce to good use with this fabulous recipe from Veggies Save the Day. Stuffed with quinoa, chickpeas and tomatoes, it’s a hearty and satisfying dish that’ll go great with the rest of your Thanksgiving meal. Click here to get the recipe.

Eggplant, Mushroom and Chestnut Vegan Holiday Loaf

Very Vegan Val

This show-stopping dish from Very Vegan Val just might upstage the turkey. It might look tricky to make, but it’s actually pretty easy to put together using pre-made pizza dough. To get all the details, click here.

Portobello Mushroom “Steaks”

Lindsey Eats LA

Impress your guests by serving up this beautiful dish from Lindsey Eats LA. The mushrooms are marinated in a savory sauce, then quickly fried to create a hearty main dish that just might steal the show. Click here to grab the recipe.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner on a Sheet Pan

Live Eat Learn

It’s not strictly a main dish, but this idea from Live Eat Learn is too genius not to share. You can make the rice-stuffed butternut squash on its own or throw in the drool-worthy sides, too: roasted Brussel sprouts, crispy potatoes and brie and cranberry puff pastry bites. Click here for all the details.

Sweet Potato Souffle

From Scratch Fast

Sweet potatoes aren’t just for side dishes—they can take center stage with this fabulous recipe from From Scratch Fast. Laced with Comté cheese, brown sugar and butter, it’s a great pick for vegetarians and omnivores alike. To get the recipe, click here.

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Pickled Plum

This shepherd’s pie from Pickled Plum is a vegan’s dream come true. It’s filled with hearty lentils and mushrooms and a savory gravy and topped with perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes. Comfort food at its finest! Get the recipe by clicking here.

Pumpkin and Walnut Stuffed Wreath

Green Evi

Add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving dinner with this jaw-dropping stuffed wreath from Green Evi. The filling is made with pumpkin, walnuts and a mix of savory spices. Get all the details on how it’s done by clicking here.

Vegan Cauliflower Gratin

Vegan Richa

This recipe from Vegan Richa is bound to be a hit with your whole crew. Blended cashews give the dish its creaminess, while a toasted breadcrumb topping adds crunch. To get the recipe, click here.

Grilled Thanksgiving Kebabs

Cadry’s Kitchen

Switch things up this year with this fun idea from Cadry’s Kitchen (it’s also perfect if you’re spending the holiday in a warm climate!). Fire up the grill and make a “deconstructed” Thanksgiving meal with chunks of bread, seitan, sweet potatoes and even vegan marshmallows. Click here to get the recipe.

Lemon and Walnut Crusted Tempeh

Green Evi

For a hearty and satisfying main course, you’ve got to try this amazing tempeh recipe from Green Evi. If you’re not familiar with tempeh, it’s a soy-based protein made with fermented soybeans. In this recipe, it’s steamed and coated in a crunchy and lemony walnut crust—delish! Click here to get all the details on how it’s done.

Wild Rice and Kale Stuffed Delicata Squash

Delish Knowledge

This fall feast from Delish Knowledge is so gorgeous that even meat eaters will want in on it! With pretty delicata squash, hearty wild rice and tart dried cranberries, it’s guaranteed to be a Thanksgiving hit. To get the recipe, click here.

Vegan Pumpkin Baked Ziti

Vegetarian Ventures

A cheesy pumpkin dish that’s somehow totally dairy-free? Sign us up! This genius recipe from Vegetarian Ventures uses a faux ricotta cheese made from cashews along with nutritional yeast for added cheesiness. Get the recipe by clicking here.

The Great Stuffed Pumpkin

The View from Great Island

If you’re looking for a vegetarian dish that’s just as impressive as a turkey, this amazing stuffed pumpkin from The View from Great Island is a must. It’s filled with a rainbow of healthy grains, lentils, dried fruit and nuts, and it’ll definitely bring the wow factor to your holiday table. Click here to get all the details.

Tempeh Sausage Stuffed Squash


Vegan, gluten-free and completely tasty, this main dish from Hummusapien is sure to be a hit with vegetarians and carnivores alike. We love using acorn squash (in addition to being delicious, it’s also pretty to look at), and with a savory tempeh, mushroom and kale filling, it makes a super satisfying meal. To get the recipe, click here.

Vegetable Tarte Tatin

Two of a Kind

You’re sure to wow your guests with this impressive tarte tatin from Two of a Kind. This version uses butternut squash and carrots, but you can tweak the recipe to fit your tastes. Get the recipe (plus some helpful pointers on making it ahead of time) by clicking here.

Mini Pumpkin Pot Pies

Vegetarian Ventures

Put the season's pumpkins to good use by whipping up a batch of pot pies inspired by Vegetarian Ventures. White beans give the dish a bit more protein, and using store-bought puff pastry helps it come together fairly quickly. Click here to see the recipe.

Lentil and Roasted Root Vegetable Strudel

Oh My Veggies

This strudel from Oh My Veggies is packed full of delicious ingredients: roasted vegetables, hearty lentils, pecan pesto and creamy goat cheese. With all of that goodness, even meat eaters will be dying to try it. To grab the recipe, click here.

Roasted Vegetable Galette

Once Upon a Cutting Board

Take advantage of the best vegetables that fall has to offer with this delicious galette from Once Upon a Cutting Board. Topped off with goat cheese and plenty of garlic, this is one super satisfying main dish. Get the recipe by clicking here.

Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash Rings

Oh My Veggies

How cute are these acorn squash rings from Oh My Veggies?! Luckily they taste as good as they look, with a stuffing made with quinoa, apple, dried cranberries and cheddar cheese. In addition to being an awesome main dish, they work well as a side dish for the carnivores. Click here to get the recipe.


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