Fresh Tomato Basil Pasta

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Take advantage of the seasonal fresh tomatoes and basil with this easy recipe from Leah’s Thoughts that encourages you to toss is any ingredients you have in the fridge. We suggest veggies or chicken to make this dish a little heartier.


Olive oil, roughly 1/4 cup
Fresh tomatoes, roughly 2 cups, chopped
Fresh basil, roughly 1/2 cup, chopped
Fresh garlic, roughly 2 tablespoons, chopped
Salt and pepper
Cheese (Parmesan or fresh mozzarella if you’ve got it)
Pasta (whatever you want, though Penne works well)

1. Cook your choice of pasta according to the directions on the package and set aside.

2. Heat olive oil (roughly 1/4 a cup) in a large pan over medium heat.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes, simmer for a few minutes, then add the garlic, salt and pepper.

4. Let the sauce simmer until tasty (try it). Then add the fresh basil, pasta and top with your choice of cheese.

Leah Singer is a freelance writer and a practicing speechwriter. She shares many family-friendly recipes, as well as stories of motherhood, craft ideas, writing, and other such topics at Leah’s Thoughts. Read more about Leah at:

photo: Nadja Tatar via flickr