Your kid wants a dog, and you’d approve if you didn’t already have so many living things in your household to keep alive.

In pops Squeakee—a balloon dog that’s inflated with personality and no expensive vet visits required. Oh indeed, you’ve never seen anything like this, and we are obsessed with this full-blown playful pup! Squeakee the Balloon Dog is interactive and responds to the sound of your voice, and unlike a real dog, balloon (or child), he listens to you! Read on to learn why Squeakee is the must-have toy of the season and why gifting it will make you the coolest adult they know.

Pumped Full of Personality

This puffy pooch is an over achiever in every way, and like no other dog you've met before. Squeakee will win over even the toughest tiny critic with his intuitive and innovative sense of play. Oh, and he's a character; with over 60 sounds and movements, his silly style and cheerful disposition will have the kids wrapped around his "paw" for hours. Tickle his belly and he'll roll on his back and beg for more, pet his ears and he'll sit. He even knows how to shake a paw! Your family may start wondering, "What's Squeakee up to?" when you leave the house. We get it—he's enchanting.

Who Loves Who More?

It's a toss up. By bringing the (electronic) balloon dog Squeakee into your household, you've given him a life he's only dreamed of in his inflatable head. Make your kid feel like a hero by teaching him things. Train Squeakee with his Squeaker Toy! Use it to teach him to sit or beg. He gets very excited when he hears it, just like a real furry best friend (minus the pet hair everywhere).

Real talk: like us, Squeakee's not perfect. You can holler and let him know when he's been naughty because raising a balloon dog has its twists and turns. Go on with your bad self, Squeakee! When you leave Squeakee alone, he will occasionally bark for attention. Continue to leave him and he will deflate and fall asleep, making cute balloon snores. Wondering what that sounds like? If adorable was a sound, it's that.

Sit! Stay! Fart?

He's a balloon, remember? "POP" him with his pin and watch him deflate; it's oddly satisfying. Never fear because you can bring him back to life in an instant by pumping him up (but not too much!). Here's where the dog part comes in: Squeakee just might pee or fart if fed too much air with his pump—gross! But we all know the kids in your life will LOVE IT. His balloon DNA just adds another exciting element of surprise and wonder. Expect the (delightfully) unexpected with Squeakee!

So get one for your favorite kid (make sure they’re your favorite because this dog is special). Or, get one for yourself; we won’t judge. Our recommendation? Get Squeakee in your squad now before word gets out and he’s sold out!


Squeakee the Balloon Dog is available now at Target, Walmart and Amazon. Batteries not included.



—Jamie Aderski

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