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We all have those days. Find the other shoe. Wipe the toddler’s nose. Read a book for the 102nd time. Coffee got warmed up four times and you were never in any room, including the bathroom, by yourself. Some me time can be difficult to come by. But it’s so important.

Your family needs you. And you need to take care of yourself. We hear this all the time. But somehow we have chunks of time where it slips our minds.We get so consumed with being a parent we aren’t even sure what to do when we have a moment to ourselves.

So here is a friendly little reminder to take some time to recharge.

And while you’re doing that try these things to get the most out of those precious moments of time to yourself.

Read and Write

Find what inspires you whether it’s Brene Brown or a romance novel and get lost in the pages for a few minutes. Or take a few moments to write down your thoughts. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to keep track of things that make you happy. Research has shown that putting pen to paper relieves stress, slows down our thinking and helps alleviate anxiety. And who couldn’t use some stress relief?

Skip Social Media

The people in your newsfeed are not invited for your me time. So ignore the pings, resist the urge to scroll and focus on yourself. Consider your goals for the rest of the day and think about things that have gone right lately. You can watch your friend’s kid learning to walk later.

Meditation Apps

Social media might be out. But there are some amazing apps designed specifically for relieving stress and anxiety. These apps give you quick and easy guidance with relaxation tracks and check-ins about your mood. They’re perfect for regrouping, refreshing and motivating you to get back to your day.


Research shows that creativity and play are just as important to our health as rest. Maybe knitting or scrapbooks aren’t your thing. Even something like creating a google photo album or editing the latest picture of your little can make you feel creative and accomplished.


You had to know exercise would make this list. And of course it does because it’s so important. It doesn’t have to be a hot yoga class. A walk around the block can energize you and clear your head.

Think of your me time like a power nap. Just like naps, even if you don’t have time for 90 minutes you can make the most of the 20 you have. Treat me time the same way. When you find a moment use your time wisely, make the most of it, focus on yourself and recharge.

Your family will thank you.

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