This Clever Device Will Rock Your Baby to Sleep for You

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All new parents quickly learn that when your baby can’t sleep movement is key, whether it’s rocking in your arms or in a stroller, or even in the car. That gentle motion almost guarantees at least a few minutes of tranquility, but what about when your arms give out or you don’t have the energy to walk around the block for the thousandth time? The Rockit stroller rocker is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Designed by three dads, the Rockit is a simple device that can be attached to the handle of a stroller in order to create a gentle vibration that mimics the actual movement of pushing your baby in the stroller, which means you can finally get some rest while your baby does too.

photo: Courtesy of Rockit

If the glowing reviews are any indication then the Rockit is well worth the investment. One Amazon reviewer said, “The RockIt is an absolute game changer! This product is easy to use and babies love it! It perfectly rocks your baby to sleep… All the while you are hands-free! Crying, fussy babies turn into peaceful sleepers! This product is like having a nanny in your purse! I cannot recommend this enough…”

The Rockit has a simple on/off control with a 30-minute timer––just enough to give you a moment of peace or to put the groceries away after walking in the door. The Rockit Baby Rocker is designed for use with babies newborn to 36 months and is available on Amazon for $49.99.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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