Ryan Reynolds just dropped a trailer for his new Bedtime Stories show, but fans are noticing the vibes are off… and vaguely terrifying

On the list of celebrities we’d love to have lull us to sleep by telling us a bedtime story, Ryan Reynolds is pretty up there. The Deadpool star has a voice like honey (and, of course, he’s pretty easy on the eyes). So imagine our excitement when Reynolds announced his new series, Bedtime Stories With Ryan! And there’s a trailer! We’ll just go ahead and watch that and prepare to be lulled into a state of pre-weekend relaxat—wait. Hold up. Um, is it just us, or is this actually low-key terrifying?

In the trailer, the camera pans over a cozy-looking library with a huge, full moon shining through the window. Reynolds offers this voiceover: “You know the best part about stories? You remember them. They stay with you.”

A quiet piano melody plays softly in the background as these words appear on the screen: “From an anxious mind, comes a restful show.”

Reynolds appears, dressed in a set of brown-and-white checkered pajamas, and announces, “I wanna tell you a bedtime story.”

This is the point in the trailer where the vibe noticeably shifts. There’s something about Reynolds’ tone that sounds vaguely threatening? Also, he sits down in a big chair and prepares to read a bedtime story… to a pair of absolutely terrifying animatronic sheep. Like, if their eyes started glowing red and they opened their mouths to reveal a set of fangs, we would be zero surprised.

Reynolds then stands up and holds a finger to his lips, and, for some reason, climbs out the library window onto the roof.

“Now,” he says, “rest your tired bones. And remember, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.”


The comments are with us on this—people don’t quite know what to make of this trailer.

“I want to put that Will Ferrell ”I don’t believe you” gif because I don’t know if this is real, a jokey thing or a horror 😂” one commenter wrote.

So anyway, if you want to watch this show and see if it’s Ryan or one of the sheep that’s a horror movie monster in disguise, it premieres June 20 on the Maximum Effort channel on Fubo.

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