Food blogs can be intimidating, especially for busy parents strapped for the time to throw even the most simple sandwich together. But while these local food bloggers are blessed with some extra know-how in the kitchen, they are also real-life parents, scrambling to stir the soup while checking math homework and assisting with potty breaks. Prepare to find not just inspiration, but incredibly helpful tips and tricks for busy parents and wanna-be cooks, no knife-skills necessary. Click through for a taste of them all!

Turntable Kitchen 

Kasey Fleisher Hickey was a food and music lover first and the proprietor of the ingenious recipe and vinyl pairing box, Turntable Kitchen. Then she became mom to a little girl, and as of a few short weeks ago, thanks to the arrival of twins, a full on "mama lion with her baby cubs." But she's still dutifully and passionately cooking, writing and mixing music and meals. Her posts have evolved and become all the more interesting (to us fellow-parents, anyway) and best of all, are still gorgeous and inspiring. Take this post featuring a recipe for an indulgent yet enriching Pumpkin-Peanut Butter and Chocolate Power Smoothie—except for the recipe the post doesn't mention a thing about it, but her wise and revealing musings on life with two newborns and a toddler, and life in general, seem like the only thing you need to know about this nurturing concoction. 

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Photo: Turntable Kitchen

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—Sonia Gandiaga and Jasmine Moir


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