If your little one doesn’t exactly exhibit reverence for things older and taller than them (especially around bedtime), take ‘em to Muir Woods National Monument. It’s one of the last old-growth redwood forests on the planet and one of the only native salmon runs in California. Plus, there’s more than a few opportunities for your tiny treehugger to duck into a massive tree hollow and ham it up for your Instagram feed.

Muir Woods 2

Why It’s So Special
Muir Woods sports a variety of tree types but everyone’s here to see the Sequoia Sempervirens. These coast redwoods are the tallest—and one of the oldest—living things on earth. Why coastal? Because they like the summer fog probably more than you do; it supplies them with nearly half of their water intake. The tallest tree in Muir Woods is over 250 feet and most trees are between 600 to 800 years old. The oldest tree is thought to be 1,200 years young which is merely middle-age for redwoods.

William Kent noted how special these trees were when he and his wife purchased the land in 1905. Two years later, he donated it to the federal government and in 1908 it was proclaimed a National Monument

Muir Woods Redwoods

Happy Trails
Muir Woods sports a number of trails but most visitors are content with the Main Trail Loop. And rightly so: It’s an easy, level stroll that passes through the park’s most notable features including the hushed, awesomeness of Cathedral Grove. You can tailor the path’s length (½ hour, hour or 1 ½ hours) by choosing one of four bridges to cross to head back. Godsend for Gracos: the Main Trail is a stroller-friendly mix of boardwalk and paved road.

Muir Woods Cathedral Grove

Salmon Rush In
Redwood Creek begins on Mount Tam, winds through Muir Woods and flows out into the Pacific at nearby Muir Beach. In Winter, Coho Salmon and Steelhead Salmon (the fish formerly known as Steelhead Trout) return from the ocean to swim back upstream and spawn. You can catch them after heavy rains in December and throughout March. Watch for their offspring in summer months, darting in the deep pools that collect along the river.

Salmon Muir Woods

Earn a Badge
One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Muir Woods with young kids is their ability to become a Junior Ranger. Just pick up a free activity book from the Visitor Center and complete a series of hands-on exercises that guide you through the park. Upon completion, your child will be awarded a cool, wooden badge and get sworn in as an official Junior Ranger.

Muir Woods Junior Ranger

Wholesome Provisions
There’s no Coke or Cheetos in the redwoods (this is Marin after all). Instead, you’ll find a cafe offering line-caught tuna and organic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well and the Marin Melt, a toasty sandwich that’s made with local cheeses and was featured on the Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Gift Shops
Nope, it’s not a typo: the gift shops within the park are plural. Muir Woods Trading Company has all the trappings of a tourist stop (think bear statuary carved from wood) while the Visitor Center bookstore stocks a smartly-curated selection of books and toys.

The Parking Situation
You must reserve a parking spot in advance or arrange for a shuttle ride (also in advance), check out gomuirwoods.com to book your spot.

Good to Know

  • Entrance fees are $15/adults ages 16 and up and free for children ages 15 and under. Check the site for free days throughout the year.
  • The redwoods host a wide array of life and they all like the thermostat turned down low. Even when it’s warm in the parking lot, it’s cold and moist in the groves so don’t leave  jackets in the car.
  • There are two full-service restrooms at Muir Woods: one in the parking lot and another adjacent to Muir Woods Trading Company in the park.

Muir Woods National Monument
1 Muir Woods Road
Mill Valley, Ca
Online: nps.gov

Have you visited Muir Woods yet? Let us know in the Comments!

–Garrick Ramirez

All images courtesy of the author


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