Artisan Shoes by Livie & Luca

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Funky, Flexible Footwear  LivieLuca3

From the backyard to the playground to wherever the next adventure leads, you and the kids know how important it is to have the right shoes to stomp with. Without the appropriate footwear, it’s hard enough for us to keep up. But especially for those fast-moving, fast-growing feet, comfort is that much more important—and what about some longevity and unique style to go with the ease of wear?

Only parents could have come up with the Livie & Luca concept: “adorable shoes for adorable feet.” The Albany-based company was conceived by three moms who sought lightweight, soft, flexible, and affordable kids’ shoes. When they couldn’t find any, they spent a year researching for the Livie & Luca brand, which launched in 2005. Now, Bay Area tots aren’t the only ones sporting these bright and spunky designs made from discarded leather–the brand is a national favorite touted by BabyTalk, Parents, and other mags.

Sizes run from 4 to 12, for those learning how to walk to those who’ve got running down pat. Shop online or find Livie & Luca shoes at BabyCoo in Los Gatos, Bella Vita in Oakland, Chloe’s Closet in San Francisco, and other boutiques near you.

—Renee M. Rutledge