10 Bay Area Instagram Moms You Need to Follow

Looking for a little mom inspiration? We love these how these Bay Area moms share their craft ideas and hike suggestions on their Instagram accounts, along with the honest ups and downs of motherhood. We are all in this together so let’s share the love!

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Lauren Thayer and Morgan Adams, the duo behind Bay Area Moms, are usually all about fun, affordable things to do all over San Francisco. These days they are all about clever and crafty projects for kids, many made with materials already found at home. We love the drill art project and corner bookmarks they recently shared. They’ve also procured scavenger hunt strategies for when you’re itching to get out of the house and scout out your neighborhood.

IG: @bayarea.moms


Jaimee Roesch posts stunning pictures of her adorable toddlers exploring and playing all over the Bay Area, but she also has some great ideas for keeping the young ones entertained with dish play, making homemade treats and hosting fake birthday parties. Yes, you can be 21 again and pick your own birthday! She has started a GoFundMe to raise money to purchase PPE for our local health care workers.

IG: @sanfranciscotoddler


The mom behind A Park a Day is all about outside play, something we all need these days. In addition to discovering and sharing hidden gems in the form of playgrounds, museums and parks, she is a graphic designer and runs her own blog about the benefits of going outside. She goes beyond the surface to curate expert advice about why going to the park is far more than just fun and games; there are creative, emotional, social and health benefits too.

IG: @aparkaday


Malika Yasmin is a mom of three, advocate of healthy eating and mentor to special needs parents. You'll find her Instagram content uplifting and real. She's got great ideas for getting kids to eat healthy food (which we all know, can be a struggle!). 

IG: @_malika_yasmin_


If this stunning Instagram account featuring a multi-cultural family of seven doesn’t inspire wanderlust, nothing will. Preethi, her husband and their five children have traveled to a whopping 62 countries and touched down on virtually every continent, plus have lived all over the United States. Currently they call the Bay Area home. She and her family travel both at home and abroad as a way to learn about other cultures, as well as develop richness and a deeper understanding in their lives. When they are not able to travel, they love to learn about other cultures and share their activities on their Instagram feed. 

IG: @localpassportfamily


French ex-pat Laura is the cool mom friend that everyone would like to have—she’s stylish and creative, posts amazing photos of her adorable family, and seems like she would be an absolute blast to tool around the city with. Oh, and did we mention she’s French?

IG: @frenchmomsf


If you’re dreaming about all the things you’re going to do and the places you’re going to visit once the shelter-in-place mandates have lifted, this is the feed for you. Cathy Hill doesn’t let the grass grow under her or her children’s feet, and her visual feast of area parks, beaches and open spaces on her Instagram account is proof.

IG: @thewaywebay


This mom of three girls runs a home day care and is all about taking her kids on Bay Area adventures. You'll find her kids adorable and her content full of depth. She blogs on Bay Explorer and has great tips on how to get kids outside and awesome recs for vegan cuisine in the Bay Area.

IG: @bay_explorer


The mom behind Silicon Valley Toddler, who describes herself as a reformed lawyer, mainly posts lots of sweet photos of her two kids, but she also pens a blog full of resources, such as this hand-curated list of ideas related to at-home learning and fun.

IG: @silicon_valley_toddler


Lynne Farhat-Corbett, who blogs about the challenges of raising a blended family, has a six-pack of boys living with her ranging from toddler twins to teenagers. Watching this brood of adorable boys play, create and explore together makes one appreciate the power of brotherly/step-brotherly/half-brotherly love.

IG: @raisingmywild6

—Donna Glass


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