While this time of shelter at home has been difficult for all of us, there are many parents (and kids, too!) who have really stepped up for our Bay Area community. From rallying support for wildfire victims to organizing BLM marches to fundraising for the Oakland Zoo, these folks are an inspiration to us all to do a little more for our fellow humans. How will they inspire YOU?

Arnav Mishra, Pumpkin Letters

writing letters to seniors is a great volunteer opportunity for kids
Pumpkin Letters

Looking for a way to spread a little joy to the world? Get ready to be inspired by Bay Area high school junior Arnav Mishra who started Pumpkin Letters as a way of connecting with senior citizens. Back in April 2020, Arnav knew that his grandparents were really missing seeing his family. He and his little sister started writing letters and making cards for them. But he didn't stop there. He knew that there were other grandparents and seniors who were also missing their grandchildren due to COVID-19. That's where the idea of Pumpkin Letters came in. He organizes zoom meetups with kids who draw and write letters for seniors. They've sent over 2,500 letters so far! 

He's still taking signups if you have any little ones who would be interested. You can read all about his program here


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Sara Olsher

Bay Area mom Sara Olsher has been writing and illustrating books for kids on tough topics like divorce and cancer since she went through her own treatment for breast cancer and wanted something to help her daughter get through that scary time.

Sara released a book explaining the science of COVID-19 on a kid level that really should be mandatory reading for everyone, adults included. Because Sara is awesome, you can download it for free on her website. She also has a book and magnetic calendar set that helps kids deal with the uncertainty that shelter at home brings. 

Maria Gregorio & Jean-Pierre Mouloudj—The Giving Fruits

Dirty Dozen-Cherries

When Palo Alto mom Maria Gregorio saw a neighbor's post on NextDoor offering a group purchase of cherries from a local farm, she joined in. But when the neighbor didn't continue the purchase for a subsequent week, she reached out to the cherry farmer herself and organized her own group purchase that soon got larger than a NextDoor post could handle. That's where The Giving Fruits was born.

The Giving Fruits has gone beyond cherries to offer peaches, pluots, figs, tomatoes, flowers, pastries, veggies, custards and more via a weekly group order and pickup in Palo Alto on Friday evenings. Not only does the purchase support local farmers, but profits from the purchases go to support frontliners and food trucks, two other groups greatly impacted by COVID-19. 

The Giving Fruits has blossomed into a family affair with Maria's son, Jean-Pierre Mouloudj, taking over much of the weekly management from compiling orders to organizing volunteers. He also communicates directly with the farmers to make sure the orders are getting in each week. Jean-Pierre is a senior at Palo Alto High School and also started a club there to support The Giving Fruits. 

Join the Facebook group to find out what's on the menu for this week's pickup! 


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The Justice Kids

Sometimes the smallest voices are the most powerful. Meet 8- and 10-year-old siblings Walt and Naima who are better known as The Justice Kids. These young Daly City residents are literally leading the charge on social and racial justice reform in the Bay Area. They were greatly impacted by the death of Elijah McClain and, with the support of their mother, organized a march on the Great Highway in July. Follow their Instagram page for action ideas on how kids can get involved in the social and racial justice movement from sending postcards to easy-to-use scripts for calling your representatives to demand change. 

Read their story here


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Global Children's Book Club from Local Passport Family

This local mom of five adorable kiddos kicked off a Global Children's Book Club in June when COVID-19 put a hold on her family's upcoming travel plans. She took children on a global field trip by virtually visiting countries from Australia to Zimbabwe and diving into books about those countries, traditions, STEAM projects, foods and more. You can access all of the content via her website where she posted IGTV read-alouds with authors and more. Follow Preethi and her family on Instagram for more global kids content. 


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REP CO is a storytelling collaborative committed to keeping racial and social justice in the spotlight. They are a group of media professionals—writers, editors, reporters, photographers, illustrators, and creative directors—working pro bono to create a steady stream of high-quality stories that celebrate and serve the BIPOC community and keep the public engaged in racial and social justice movements. REP CO was founded by Erin Feher, San Francisco mom of two who saw a need in her community and brought people together to get to work. 

Online: representcollaborative.com



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GOTV MOMS is a hub for GET OUT THE VOTE activism. They are open to all spectrums of motherhood committed to laboring for democracy. By sharing the organizations they volunteer with and tips they’ve learned through their activism, they hope to help you get out the vote AND mobilize your community to join in the fight. Check out their website and follow them on Instagram


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Chloe Jackman

SF photographer and powerhouse toddler mama Chloe Jackman really put her photography talents to use when COVID-19 hit her beloved Clement Street neighborhood. She's gone out of her way to photograph and promote the Clement Street businesses to help keep them afloat during this very difficult time. She's also documented neighborhood families in porch portrait sessions. Follow her on Instagram and check out what she's up to over at her website


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Butter Love Bakeshop

The power mom behind SF's Butter Love Bakeshop has been going the extra mile for families in her community since COVID-19 hit. She's been packaging up weekly essential grocery bags for over 120 families with monetary donations, produce donated from nearby businesses and even items from her own garden. Head to her Facebook page to support this worthy endeavor. 

Bay Area Families Helping CZU, LNU, & SCU Fire Evacuees & Survivors

While we all watched as mountain towns and historic parks like Big Basin were hit by the recent wildfires, a San Jose mom named Jennifer Ing jumped into action. She offered to gather her friends and other parents in the South Bay to help people from the Santa Cruz mountains and Scotts Valley area who were evacuated. This Facebook group was born and it served to connect those displaced by the wildfires with resources including kids clothes, toys, grocery gift cards and more.


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Ashley George—Kiddie Kamp

After being laid off in March when the shelter in place began, Bay Area mom Ashley George was trying to find ways to keep her two daughters busy at home. This summer she decided to create an at-home kids camp for her toddler and it evolved into offering at-home camp kits for other families to participate too. It’s been such a hit that she has extended it through the end of the year. Follow her Instagram page for current kits being offer. They are perfect for ages two to four. 


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Andy Soulard

When 6-year-old Andy Soulard learned that the Oakland Zoo was in jeopardy of closing permanently due to COVID-19 she went into action. Starting with $5 she had received from the tooth fairy, Andy started a fundraising campaign that raised over $225,000 for the zoo. For every donor who donated over $25, Andy would send them a bracelet and drawing that she made. She also recently asked for Oakland Zoo donations in lieu of gifts for her 7th birthday. Talk about an inspiring kid! 


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The Last Draw

The Last Draw is an initiative started by a small group of concerned citizens (3 out of 4 who are moms!) who believe in the power of imagery and want to do all they can to help Biden get elected, while supporting artists during a challenging time. Inspired by the power of the Obama HOPE poster, The Last Draw commissioned original art from four women artists with the intent to build a wave of enthusiasm for Biden. You can find them @thelastdraw2020 on Instagram and their website

Have an inspiring parent or kid you think should be added to this list? Email Kate@tinybeans.go-vip.net.

—Kate Loweth


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