Cool Decor for Bay Area Kids’ Rooms

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Busy Bees  TheBlueBees

Keeping up with the kids’ rooms is a never-ending chore. But aside from laundry duty and clutter control, it can also be a lot of fun. It’s your chance to get creative with colors, themes, and décor that vibe with a tot or teen’s je ne sais quoiWhen that small haven of comfort and character starts to feel a wee bit dull, it may be time for an update. If mom or dad’s special touch is lacking in inspiration, San Francisco-based artist Jennie Villanueva has something up her sleeve: Happy Art for Kids.

Jennie was a busy bee in her 42nd week of pregnancy, inspired to churn out bright and bold creations on canvas. Her company, Bella the Busy Bee, was born around the same time as her young ‘un, and her original acrylic paintings and custom prints can bring the charm and freshness back to dull walls. Patchy the Elephant, Scotty the Dog, and the Blue Bees are some of the characters you can invite into your home, each of them created one by one by the artist herself. Framed prints of your child’s name are available for the same price ($75), customized with Bella the Busy Bee’s one-of-a-kind alphabet, where every letter is cleverly hidden in a picture. For nursery prints, birthdates and weights can also be added. As if that wasn’t enough to buzz about, ten percent of Bella the Busy Bee’s profits are donated to Bay Area domestic violence shelters and prevention programs. Could there be a better shower gift, or way to spruce up your kid’s room? We wouldn’t bee-lieve it!

Cool Decor for Bay Area Kids’ Rooms

–Renee M. Rutledge