It’s no secret that her in the Bay Area we have an app for everything. And because so many of these app creators are in our own back yards, we reap the benefit of getting to try them first. We’ve rounded up 10 game changing apps that were started right here in the Bay that make family life oh, so much easier. Scroll down for the list.

1. LittleFund
It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s financial future, from teaching the value of saving for a coveted toy to socking some dough away for college. But the options are dizzying and can be overwhelming. Littlefund is an incredibly simple way to save, track and even receive monetary gifts for your child. They just launched with a few simple tools to get started saving, and will be adding 529 investment opportunities next.

2. Kango
Like Lyft for kids but with trusted, verified drivers who have passed through Kango’s rigorous screening process. Besides getting your goobers to soccer practice on time, Kango also offer one-click sitters for those hours in between, and can of course roll up with carseats and booster seats at the ready.

3. GoodEggs
Because no family can have enough fresh fruits and veggies. And since this company is a home town hero, every time they launch a new service, we get to try it first! They’ve recently hit the family sweet spot by launching family meal kits and even pre packaged kids’ lunches, made with all the top notch ingredients you have come to expect from Good Eggs. No more stuffing brown bags for you!

4. Trove
Parents are experts in STUFF. From strollers to Rock n’ Plays to baby bathtubs, we have it all, and it all takes up space. And while it’s tempting to toss all that gargantuan gear as soon as baby grows out of it, many of us keep it around while we waffle about #2 (or #3 or 4). Enter Trove. The new storage service will send professional movers to come pick up your stuff, pack it, digitally catalogue it and store it. When you need it back, just use the app to request exactly what you need, and viola, it’s back at your doorstep, all for a surprisingly reasonable price. See ya later, Jumperoo.

5. Instacart
Because going shopping is so last decade. Embrace the future and let your food come to you. Instacart will do your shopping at dozens of your favorite stores, from Whole Foods to Safeway to Costco to Target, and deliver it right to you. You can even clip digital coupons to get all the deals you would browsing the aisles IRL.

6. Cozi
If syncing your calendar with your significant other gives your little shivers of joy, Cozi will make you scream with excitement. It’s the ultimate shared family organizer that keeps schedules, shopping lists, chore wheels, recipes and even a family journal complete with photo upload options, all in one, streamlined sharable space.

7. Munchery
We’ve hit peak meal delivery, with a new company vying to deliver you dinner seemingly each day. But not all on-demand dinners are created equal. We love Muchery because there are plenty of healthy options, kids’ meals, they deliver on weekends, they sell and accept gift cards, and well, they’ve stood the test of time. (Some of our other favorite services shuttered after just a few weeks).

8. Dr On Demand
Schedule an instant video visit from a top practitioner. From belly aches to scrapes to weird rashes, these doctors can often diagnose or at least offer peace of mind right from your smart phone. Because waiting rooms are the worst when you have a sick kid.

9. Toy Cycle
Toy-Cycle works within a user’s local community (currently Beta testing in Oakland) and allows families to give, get, or exchange free used games and toys. When a user is ready to pass something on their child has outgrown (or has simply tired of), they post the offer online to their local group. Arrangements are made to pick up or exchange which should be easy given the fact the groups will remain relatively small, geographically speaking. So, no shipping, no packaging, no payments—sounds sustainable to us!

10. UrbanSitter
What do we need? A babysitter! When do we need it? NOW! Urbansitter answers the call with verified, trustworthy sitters at a moment’s notice. No more begging the neighbor’s teenage daughter to do diaper duty for the night.

What’s your favorite go-to local app? Tell us in a comment below. 

—Erin Feher

featured photo: William Iven via Unsplash

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