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“The Happiest Toddler on the Block?” You bought it. “Babyproofing Your Marriage?” Check. “Healthy Child, Healthy World?” On its way from Amazon. But for every tot-rearing tome purchased, we’re willing to bet more than a few of you would find your copy under the bed, bookmarked at about page 18. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to fit in all the books we’d like to read about our family’s health and happiness.48

Lucky for us, Larkspur mom Pam McLaughlin started Parents’ Digest, a website where subscribers can receive summaries of the best resources available to new moms and dads. Professional writers read the books, break down the key concepts, and shrink it all into an eight-page-or-so synopsis that a busy parent can easily get through during their child’s naptime. And if you just feel like you’ve gotta know more, you can easily purchase the book through an affiliate website with a simple click. Or hop onto a Book Club Forum to see what other parents thought and offer your own two cents.

With the $68 annual subscription, you get two synopses delivered to your e-mail each month, plus another four that you can pick from Parents’ Digest’s extensive and ever-expanding catalog. And there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee–they’re that confident you’ll be happier spending time chasing your kids around the house, instead of with your nose in a book.

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