For Sale: Cute Toddler Firetruck Bed, $25

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This is SOLD.

Our 4-year-old is ready to move on to a bigger bed, so we are happy to pass along his adorable firetruck bed to any future firefighters out there.

He’s been sleeping in the bed since he was 2 –  a crib mattress is included. The front of the truck has a great storage area for extra blankets or toys (it also makes a great hiding spot for hide and seek). There are 2 drawers below for storage.

Disclaimer: We bought this bed at a garage sale, so I don’t know the age, manufacturer, etc (it looks homemade actually) and at the time, it needed some work – the hinges on the front storage area are broken and the bottom drawers need repair.

We brought it home intending to make the repairs, but my son fell in love with it and we put it in his room and never looked back or made any repairs (thus the low rate of $25). A reasonably handy person could repair this very easily.

The bed comes in 2 pieces for easy moving. Email if interested august1806 at

Located in Marin.