Explore: Dracena Quarry Park

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Piedmont dwellers are protective of their play spaces, and for good reason. Dracena Park is one of those hidden neighborhood gems that you just want to keep to yourself. But now you’re in on the secret, too, and whether you live in Piedmont or a surrounding Bay Area town, you’re more than welcome to romp and roam on these eight acres of lawn and redwood shade.

Kids will love this little haven, complete with a playground that includes swings, a climbing wall, a sand area with access to running water (bring on the sand castles!), a large concrete slide, lots of hilly terrain to roll down, and a paved path that loops around the lower, flat part of the park—perfect for bikes and scooters.

Bring the pup along, too, because off-leash play is on near the Redwood Canyon. (The Piedmont city website doesn’t specifically mention requirements for a permit for off-leashing here, but you might want to give their Public Works division a ring just in case.) And parents without pets, heads up that the off-leash dog run is adjacent to the kid’s area, so harmless collisions between Fido and the kids have been known to happen.

Enter Dracena Park from Artuna or Dracena Avenues and welcome spring with some much-needed free play!

—Renee Rutledge