Oakland’s Glenview District – a prize locale for families and visitors

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The best neighborhoods are within walking distance from a good park, some nice shops, and a delicious local brunch. That’s what makes the Glenview District in Oakland a prize locale for families and a worthwhile stop for a visit.

Located in the foothills, Glenview is an easy stroll from 12-acre Dimond Park, where you can skip stones on Sausal Creek and follow the sound of water into a hiking trail surrounded by trees. There’s a playground for toddlers, swimming facilities at Lyons pool, and Oakland Parks and Recreation-sponsored activities like arts & crafts, cooking, and self defense in the rec building.

Another highlight lies at the juncture of Park Boulevard and Glenview Avenue, where there’s a charming little commercial district with mom and pop shops to stroll between.   The Blackberry Bistro serves yummy omelettes, crepes, and potato pancakes, all of it made from scratch using local ingredients.

If you want to explore farther, wander over to the other side of Dimond Park. The Dimond District at the intersection of Macarthur and Fruitvale has three different storytime hours at the local library, including Family Storytime, Preschool Storytime, and Toddler Storytime on Tuesday and Wednesday. After stories, Loard’s Ice Cream & Candies on Macarthur will remind you why chocolate mint rules.

-Renee Rutledge