For Mini Music Makers: Little Mission Studio

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Imagine: Instead of the electronic beeps and blasts of the latest video game, what if your kiddo was filling your home with the sweets sounds of the piano? Clarinet? What if they were singing? The new Little Mission Studio can’t promise video game abstinence, but they can teach your little one how to carry a tune, master the scales and get comfortable with an instrument, from guitar to clarinet to bucket drums (ok, that one might make you beg for them to bring a little screen time back).


The Venue
This spacious music haven in the sunny Mission District offers more than just a place to take one-on-one lessons. There are private practice rooms enrolled students can use free of charge, larger rehearsal spaces so they can jam out with friends, and a performance space that is perfectly suited to the seasonal recitals that students are invited to participate in. The set up is inspired by the ways that the pros work, and students are encouraged to collaborate with their fellow musicians and let their inner artists shine.


Music Makers
Little Mission Studio is headed by three passionate professionals. Claire Plumb is a singer, composer and vocal coach; Matt Rupert is a master of piano and clarinet, and loves introducing kids to the joy of music—he’s taught extensively at schools from Baltimore to San Francisco; Christian Howes is the guy who is going to teach your kid how to bang on things, as he is a professional percussionist who’s kept the beat with award-winning marching bands. All three also teach adult classes at Little Mission Studio, in case you want to make it a family affair (or dream of starting a band a la The Partridge Family).


Broadway-Bound Babes
Your little crooners can now spend their Sundays in the Little Mission Kids’ Chorus or work on their harmonies in A Cappella class. If it’s the bright lights they crave, maybe Broadway Bound is the class for them, or guitar for the beginner. All classes are series classes, and private lessons are booked in monthly packs. There are no drop-ins or single classes offered, so make sure you and your little maestro are ready to commit. Group class series are a great way to gauge interest and see where the music takes them!

445 Hampshire St.
San Francisco, Ca

Do you have a musical child on your hands? Have you enrolled them in lessons anywhere? Tell us in the comments below! 

—Erin Feher

All images courtesy of Lit