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Erin Feher is one of those hip moms who makes parenting in the city look easy. Case in point: Erin and her fam don’t own a car, but that doesn’t stop them from exploring the Bay. On any given day you’ll find Erin, her husband and their one-year-old daughter, Orion aboard Muni, Bart, or even their bikes on their way to uncover new and fun happenings around town.

But, beyond Erin’s contagious laid-back, can-do attitude (and let’s be honest, staying optimistic when aboard Muni with a tot can be challenging), you’ll find a seasoned editor (she most recently held the post of Editor-in-Chief at California Home + Design) with an enviable skill for writing and editing copy, digging up awesome family activities and juggling multiple projects at once. In fact, the editorial staff at Red Tricycle is always managing dozens of tasks at once and Erin has effectively jumped in as if she’s been here since day one.

Read on to meet Erin and discover her favorite thing about being a Bay Area parent, her essential can’t-live-without mom product and what she thinks about raising kids in the city.

What’s your idea of an awesome day with the family?
A bike ride out to one of our favorite “vacation” neighborhoods, like Glen Park, where we can hit up the playground for some slide and swing action, then the woodsy trails so Orion can yank on some leaves and peel some bark, a picnic lunch with goodies from Canyon Market and then home for a family nap.

What’s your favorite Bay Area neighborhood?
This is cheating, but I love so many different areas for different reasons. If I had to pick two, I’d say the Mission for eats, shops and playgrounds, and the Presidio because you’ll find blackberries and raspberries growing wild and there are bird species beyond the dirty pigeons that congregate outside my downtown condo.

What do you love most about being a Bay Area parent?
The sheer amount of people we encounter on a daily basis. From the trains and buses to the restaurants, Orion and I make about 75 new friends every day.

What do you love least about being a Bay Area parent?
Peaceful moments are few and far between (or is that just parenthood?). I can’t just walk outside and be on my quiet suburban block for a quiet stroll with my baby. I’m constantly dodging every conceivable kind of character, fishing for my bus pass and negotiating packed shops and restaurants. But I guess that could be the answer to the question above as well.

Essential can’t-live-without mom product?
My Becco Gemeni carrier. Since we are a public transportation family (or “Muni Moms” as I hear we are called) we decided to forgo the stroller thing for now and just haul her around strapped to our bodies. The Becco is super comfy and she can be worn almost any way (front facing, facing in, on the back). She loves it and still snoozes in there if we are out and about at naptime.

What are you looking forward to doing with your daughter this year?
She’s about to turn one and is more engaged with the world every day, so the list grows constantly! I am really looking forward to finally experiencing our amazing museums with her (the Academy of Sciences, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, the Exploratorium just to name a few), spending a ton of time outdoors camping and riding bikes, and now that she’s a bit more amenable to the carseat, taking some day trips to explore more beaches, woods and nearby cities. A whole new bus line would blow her mind!

Anything else to share?
I think big cities get a bad rap when it comes to being child-friendly, and it makes people think decamping to the suburbs is the only choice. But my experience with having a baby here (small apartment, no car, and all) has been wonderful, and working at Red Tricycle I hope to be able show that kid-friendly side of the city I love!

Say hello to Erin and tell her what you’re loving about Red Tricycle Bay Area and what you’d like to see more of by shooting her an email at Ride on!

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