Old-School San Francisco Hats with a New Look

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Hat Trick

The Smitty cap by Goorin Brothers

Some things never go out of style: classic hat styles like the fedora and the driver cap, for example. In 1895, Cassel Goorin sold his first hat off a horsecart parked in Pittsburgh’s cobblestone streets. And today’s customers of the San Francisco-based Goorin Brothers Hat Company still wear some of the same classic faves, artistically crafted for the modern little dude. These include the Syris, a crushable felt fedora with grosgrain band and bow; the Little Darling, a wool cabbie hat with brushed twill lining; and the Smitty, a duckbill hat made of custom wool plaid–perfect for the Bay Area chill.

The hat, especially one from Goorin Brothers, is a signature must-have wardrobe piece for stylin’ fashion-forward youth. And let’s not rule the little ladies out of the equation. Styles like the Bandit, a soft acrylic, rib-knit hat with a printed castle print, comes in pink, black, and olive green, and the Little Darling will make any little girl look just, well, darling.. Parents might be tempted to shop for beanies, cadet hats, fedoras, and baseball caps of their own, either online or at one of the three San Francisco locations, and outfit the whole fam in these fab hats!

Goorin Brothers: 1612 Stockton St.; 1446 Haight St.; 111 Geary St., all locations are in San Francisco.

–Renee M. Rutledge